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Apple Festival Pageant 2011The 2011 Apple Festival Pageant was held on September 24. The divisions and winners are listed below.

Wee Apple Dumplin:

People’s Choice: Rose-Malia Everett
Photogenic: Ansleigh Johnson
Prettiest Hair: Kensey Pritchett
Prettiest Eyes: Sophia Watkins
Prettiest Smile: Ansleigh Johnson
3rd Alternate: Remington Bryan
2nd Alternate: Kallie McCardle
1st Alternate: Ansleigh McCardle
Winner: Sophia Watkins

Apple Dumplin:

People’s Choice: Kendal Sieverling
Photogenic: Callie Richards
Prettiest Hair: Elizabeth Findley
Prettiest Eyes: Maggie Parris
Prettiest Smile: Callie Richards
3rd Alternate: Railey Titus
2nd Alternate: Elizabeth Findley
1st Alternate: Callie Richards
Winner: Elizabeth Daly

Little Miss Apple Seedling:

People’s Choice: Carla Akins
Photogenic: Ava Buice
Prettiest Hair: Emma Bramlett
Prettiest Eyes: Ava Buice
Prettiest Hair: Cheyenne Bowling
3rd Alternate: Lillian Jones
2nd Alternate: Nina Barbaree
1st Alternate: Emma Bramlett
Winner: Ava Buice

Miss Apple Seedling:

People’s Choice: Grace Settel
Photogenic: Grace Settel
Prettiest Hair: Callie McBride
Prettiest Eyes: Kenley Thompson
Prettiest Smile: Kylee Clark
3rd Alternate: Chelsey Griggs
2nd Alternate: Keely Long
Winner: Kenley Thompson
Kylee Clark

Miss Apple Bud:

NO People’s Choice in this category
Photogenic: Adriana Allen
Prettiest Hair: Madison Moore
Prettiest Eyes: Gracie Turner
Prettiest Smile: Alexis Sluder
3rd Alternate: Alexis Sluder
2nd Alternate: Gracie Turner
1st Alternate: Addie Davenport
Winner: Isabella Howell

Petite Apple Blossom:

No People’s Choice in this category
Photogenic: Anna Waddell
Prettiest Hair: Lexi Bowen
Prettiest Eyes: Chloe Wilson
Prettiest Smile: Lark Reece
3rd Alternate: Carson Veal
2nd Alternate: Kylie Pinson
1st Alternate: Lexi Bowen
Winner: Lark Reece

Apple Blossom:

No People’s Choice in this category
Photogenic: Alexis Reid
Prettiest Hair: Lilli Lord
Prettiest Eyes: Jessika Kilpatrick
Prettiest Smile: Sadie Bryan
3rd Alternate: Emily Powell
2nd Alternate: Shali King
1st Alternate: Lilli Lord
Winner: Sadie Bryan

Miss Junior Apple:

Highest Overall People’s Choice: Destyne Riblet (raised $570)
People’s Choice: Rachel Waddell
Prettiest Hair: Taylor Teague
Prettiest Eyes: Maggie Pierce
Prettiest Smile: Hannah White
3rd Alternate: Taylor Teague
2nd Alternate: Emmaline Farmer
1st Alternate: Hannah White
Winner: Rachel Waddell

Miss Apple:

No People’s Choice in this category
Photogenic: Carly Bernhardt
Prettiest Hair: Alexandra Davis
Prettiest Eyes: Alexandra Davis
Prettiest Smile: Carly Bernhardt
3rd Alternate: Karly Brady
2nd Alternate: Carly Bernhardt
1st Alternate: Karrie Lee
Winner: Shelby Merrell

Miss Apple Queen:

Erica Lovett

Best Sportswear: Taylor Howell
People’s Choice: Erica Lovett
Photogenic: Amber Newberry
Prettiest Hair: Sarah MeyersPrettiest Eyes: Erica Lovett
Prettiest Smile: Jacey Aaron
Miss Congeniality: Kaitlin Smallwood
3rd Alternate: Taylor Howell
2nd Alternate: Courtney Davis
1st Alternate: Sarah Meyers
Winner: Erica Lovett

Miss Apple Capital:

Samantha Pinson

Interview Award: Samantha Pinson
Swimsuit Award: Samantha Pinson
Talent Award: Rebecca Hood
3rd Alternate: Brittany Rowland
2nd Alternate: Rebecca Hood
1st Alternate: Mia Jones
Miss Apple Capital: Samantha Pinson

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