Snow in Gilmer could cause further issues with refreezing


ELLIJAY, Ga. – Authorities continue to monitor and patrol the area, but citizens are even beginning to venture back out into town today.

While officials have reported the main roads to be clearing, others are still fighting the slush and ice that is following the melt seen across the county today. The Sheriff’s office is still encouraging those traveling on the roads today to “use common sense and take extra time that may be needed if you drive today.”

Additionally, as the sun sets tonight, the dangers will return according to the Sheriff’s office: “The temperatures are expected to drop into the teens tonight, so be cautious of black ice that may form as a result of any moisture remaining on any roadways.”

While the snow is melting, citizens and county and city workers are proceeding with clean up and repairs from last night. People are finding situations like this photo on Holden Road showing a tree across the power lines. Many citizens still do not have power. One report from the Amicalola Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) early this morning reported Gilmer County alone is seeing 4,695 members without power.

Crews are out working on these issues as quickly as possible in the current conditions.

Other reports are coming in as to how people prepared for the snowfall. One report from the Volunteers Helping the Gilmer County Animal Shelter said the shelter’s director took matters upon himself saying, “Well, we have a wonderful director, who spent the night and will be taking care of the shelter today.”

Others are venturing into town for warmer places and taking the day to enjoy the winter weather amidst the issues.

Make sure to stay with FYN as we continue to monitor for updates and changes to the storm. Officials are suggesting that citizens once again avoid the roads tonight due to the possibility of black ice.


Karla’s Korner – Give the gift of a local Christmas this year

Community, Gilmer County Chamber

Karla started her show this morning saying GO DAWGS!!! I have to agree with her on that note. Then she told us that TODAY is the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. So this holiday season while you are getting festive you can buy your favorite spirits from these local places: The Hitching Post, Mountain Treasures, Cartecay Vineyards, Chateau Mitchre, and Appalachian Beverage. The next great local gift you can give your family and friends is gift certificates to local restaurants. There are so many great ones in our small town to choose from. Lastly if your family has been thinking about getting a new furry friend; visit you local animal shelter. Make a difference in an animal’s life this Christmas by giving them a forever home with your family. As always we would like to thank the Gilmer County Chamber for sponsoring this segment.

Gilmer Animal Shelter Achieves a Zero in May


Ellijay, GA – As of the end of May, the Gilmer County Animal Shelter reported 130 cats/kittens taken into the shelter according to Director Daniel Laukka.

Of those 130 cats and kittens, Laukka stated that only three required euthanizing. Two of them were requested by owners of the animals, the final one was necessary due to injuries.

This result means that the Gilmer Animal Shelter has found homes or other means of care or transfer for cats coming into the shelter. The work has been done so well, that no cat was euthanized for space.

Laukka praised the Friends of the Gilmer Animal Shelter (FOGAS) as well as all citizens who aid the Animal Shelter for all their aid and support to accomplish such a feat.

This does not mean, however, that the shelter has no cats or kittens for adoption. People are still needed for those animals left in need of homes and families. Make sure to call (706)635-2166 for the Gilmer Animal Shelter to set up a time to visit your future animals and plan your adoption today.


Animal Shelter’s Next Ruff Readers Club



Rocky – an Urgent Pet of the Week


Gilmer County Animal Shelter is asking it’s citizens for help with a special case, as part of their Pet of the Week Program, Rocky a 4 year old, 60 pound, Labrador/Bassett mix, Rocky is looking for a new home.

rocky4Rocky is a low-riding love machine that is a sight to see and too lovable to forget. He has the body of a Labrador Retriever and the short legs of a Bassett Hound.

Rocky’s mom must leave state for a long term, lifesaving, medical treatment. This medical emergency leaves Rocky with no one to love & care for him. So his family is giving Rocky up with very heavy hearts.

Rocky loves kids and adults but is not fond of other canines or felines.
Rocky is house trained, knows his basic commands, healthy, neutered, and up to date on all vaccines.

Rocky’s family is very passionate about finding him a good loving home. Rocky is free to any qualified home.

Rocky comes complete with his sleeping crate and other accessories.
Rocky’s family has to leave this Saturday December 17th. So he desperately needs a permanent or a temporary foster home before then.

Rocky lives in Marietta. But transportation can be arranged.
Call the numbers below to meet Rocky or for more information.
(678)488-4772 or (678)447-3161


Molly – Pet of the Week


When planning this year’s Christmas dinner invitations, don’t forget those that are less fortunate.

We often overlook those that do not have the financial means or the ability to prepare their own holiday table. Molly came to GCAS malnourished and unloved. But she has since had some proper nutrition, all of her shots, and preventative treatments.

A turkey spread could go a long way towards helping Molly regain her former voluptuous figure. Molly is too gentle and quiet to invite herself to dinner. You must take that first step.

Call or visit GCAS today and invite Molly to your family feast.
This Christmas, make sure that there is not an empty place at or under your table.

Ps. Molly would love to help with the dishes and could be convinced to stay for leftovers.

Gilmer County Animal shelter
4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166
Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm


Ginny – Pet of the Week


All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Little Ginny the five month old tuxedo kitten has taken her daily bath, dressed in her finest, and now waits for her date.

Ginny is a simple southern girl who is far from high maintenance. She does enjoy entertainment. But a ball of yarn or feather will do.

Ginny is not much of a conversationalist and feels fine dining is over rated. It’s a can of tuna by candle light and cuddling on the couch that really makes her purr.

If you are tired of superficial sorority type girls visit GCAS for a down home girl that even momma will love.

You could be sipping warm milk by firelight with a beautiful brunette tonight.

Hurry, ’cause Ginny don’t get dressed up for nothin!


Gilmer County Animal shelter

4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166

Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm


Pet of the Week, Hershey


HERSHEY is kindhearted soul who is three years old and medium in size.

She needs a wonderful, patient person who will help her explore the world and gain her inner confidence. Hershey is shy, yet very gentle and she enjoys affection. A calm environment without a lot of noise would be best for her.

She does well with other dogs, however, the shelter commotion is stressful for Hershey, and we would love to see her in a peaceful setting. We invite you to stop by to visit with sweet Hershey in person.

Gilmer County Animal shelter
4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166
Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm

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