Short Takes – Mueller vs. Trump vs.the American Public, or Pipe Dreams?


I never cease to be amazed at the crap the media feeds us including the opinions of journalists just barely able to peel bananas with their hands.The otiose schemes the deranged Left keeps pushing is the political danger to Pres. Trump should he fires Mueller. Oh, the humanity of it!

Well, let’s get on with it; watch where the smoke comes from then put out the fire. This wasted, year long Mueller drama which all but indites Hillary Clinton and her coterie of conspirators in the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS and the State Dept. as the true criminals, needs to be resolved and soon. The patience of the American voters who put Trump in office is growing thin. They will not abandon Trump when the real problems are so clear. Heads must roll and then we can heal the wounds,and work to return to a true constitutional republic like the founders envisioned.

“Is their a constitutional confrontation in the offing?” asks one headline. The article posits the notion that Mueller is nearly omnipotent in fighting crime and or evil and has the power and authority like a Grand Wizard, to demand the President of the United States present himself before a Grand Jury, presumably to arrange his public execution by burning at the stake. Right!

The article allows that the President has some outs like any other citizen, such as invoking his  5th amendment rights; that he can simply remove the Deputy. AG, who hired Mueller after Jeff Sessions abdicated his responsibility, daring to face the slings and arrows, that will come or, he could simply swat the Mueller nuisance away, de-fund the investigation and move on, a proposal most Americans really want. It reminds us that the president is not “above the law” but fails to warn us that Hillary Clinton, the corrupt James Comey, Loretta Lynch, et. al., are above the law. “Oh, the harm it would do to the FBI’s reputation..& etc., etc.” Well, the top management has been exposed as a nest of vipers and does need to be cleaned out, the sooner the better.

We know that the Supreme Court ruled that Nixon, who did have tapes and records, had to produce them as physical evidence. What does Trump have to produce he hasn’t already freely given? Nothing, so the hunt goes on until they find something. They can forget any more Stormy Daniels stories. No body cares. Bill Clinton saw to that. That’s old news. The issue behind the issues here is that the Democrats have no issues they can convince Americans to embrace other than the Obama socialist disaster that Trump is now happily discarding. They can run on no other issue except “hate Trump” because he beat ‘em soundly, leaving them bereft of power and like Biblical Moses, wandering aimlessly in the Sinai. Listening to the morose former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is evidence enough of that.

It’s in their best interests to attack Trump, in fact it’s their only interest if they dream of ever recapturing the Congress again but, I suspect “dreams” are not policies. Democrat dreams cannot possibly move or replace Trumps successes like his tax cuts, killing the regulation state, his rising employment and GDP numbers and low unemployment rates, ripping America away from stupid trade deals that have hurt us, and ignoring the pseudo science environmental nonsense that the left believes will empower them to create their ‘dreamed’ one world order to save the planet. More importantly, he’s not afraid to face off Iran, which is facing its own internal problems, and the North Korean dingbat who pushed himself onto the world stage as a nuclear competitor and now can’t let go. Trump, the protagonist, has challenged them all and they react as he has expected them to. The Democrats are in disarray, Iran has squandered the billions Obama gave him and are almost broke and Kim is in fear of losing it all by his over extension.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

FYN Interviews Rebbeca Yardley on Georgia’s 2018 Sine Die – Last Day of Legislative Session

Politics, State & National

It’s Sine Die day, that means it’s the last day of the 2018 Legislative Session! Interviews First Vice Chairman of Georgia Congress 9th District GOP Rebecca Yardley on the experience and what to expect from the Georgia Capitol today!


In Your Face Fascism


Opinion by George McClellan:

Forget Cuba, Venezuela and even Zimbabwe as examples of failed socialist states. They are so far gone that their restoration cannot possibly occur without conflict. To survive, fascism must kill. For a better example of a dying star, blazing bright before it collapses, we must look now to the Fascist State of California, under the dictatorship of Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

Governor Brown is now exploring the management techniques of an earlier fascist state, Nazi Germany. Intent on his survival, and facing pushback against his once always beneficent form of socialist government, is giving him pause that he may be facing collapse. Jerry must now struggle to maintain the fascist state authority he has imposed upon California’s citizens. How?

It appears the Governor found the need to increase gas taxes by .12 ¢ per gallon, estimated to add to the governors coffers an additional $52 billion. For many Californians, those who have not already fled the state, that was the last straw and activists are now moving to demand a special election to remove from office new State Senator Josh Newman whose vote alone cleared the 2/3 majority vote needed for passage. The recall effort requires the collection of at least 63,500 registered voters signatures to force a recall election. The fight has begun.

In response, Jerry has now sent out organized teams of Brown Shirt thugs to appear at places where volunteers are collecting recall signatures, shouting at voters, brow beating the volunteers and filing false police reports causing disruption at sites by responding police expecting a dangerous situation. Jerry’s Kids, his Brown Shirts, are now performing exactly as Hitlers thugs did seventy years ago. Violence is next. Be prepared for it.

The Paris Climate Accord Trump just dumped, is a form of organized international fascism. Imagine if you can the concept of a liberal international order, a Socialist one world government, changeable as the need dictates and as the leaders demand. Basically that’s the UN’s Agenda 21 plan we are now experiencing. The Paris Climate Accord is an internal part of that plan.

Naturally, under a one world government, there would be no free independent America, no beacon of hope to those suffering oppression and slavery, no counter-balance of freedom to the corruption and wickedness that would overwhelm the world, only happy talk about equality. Aristotle told us that “the worse form of inequality is to try and make unequal things equal.”

Californian’s are striking a blow but, unfortunately, western institutions have been so corrupted by creeping Marxism that they must kill to survive. The radical Democrat party, now Marxism in its purest form, like California, is a dying star. Our major colleges and universities, especially schools of journalism that churn out propagandists, not journalists, are complicit in the reduction and destruction of Western culture, especially America’s.

The disease of Socialism has also spread to elementary, middle and high schools where “zero tolerance” rules stifle children’s play, creativity and self realization but prepare them instead for their roll as non-thinking ‘sheeple,” eager supporters of multiculturalism, diversity, open borders, weird sexual acceptance and never to be encumbered by guilt from cynical Christian religion.

It’s the death of any society. California is showing us how to die. The “Liberal International Order,” the One World Government they so desire, and will kill to get, is as unworkable as an old car on blocks. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em and don’t look back. This fight is just beginning. (02Jun17)

The New Estate


Opinion written by George McClellan:

I’m coming around to a concept that, because it is so near it can’t really be seen except when some significant event should occur that draws specific attention to itself. That significant event is the continuing dismay over Donald Trump’s election. It is the bizarre fact that the new CPUSA, or whatever one wishes to call it, no longer resides within the bosom of the Democrat Party, i.e.: Schumer, Pelosi and company, but in the colossus that is the floundering main street media, the forth estate so to speak, particularly the cable networks. They have rallied from their shock and are pushing the marxist narrative, the Democrat party be damned.

The raging demands of White House reporters, editorial staffs, commentators, essayists and etc., appear to be in unison, dedicated to destroying Donald Trump or neutralizing any appointment he makes, any E.O. he signs and challenging any statement he offers. They don’t wait for Chuckie Schumer or Nancy Pelosi to pontificate on issues, but force them into making absurd comments, then running with their own commentary anyway. Anderson Cooper and Rachael Madcow are but two good examples, not to mention the awful example of disrespect Lester Holt of ABC showed to the President in his one on one interview.

The Comey firing presents the latest example of media dysfunction. The media expect certain reactions to follow predictable outcomes and when they don’t get them, they manufacture ‘em. All agree Comey usurped the authority of Attorney General, Loretta Lynch in his confirmations of Hillary Clinton’s high crimes and misdemeanors then telling the world she lacked intent, and therefore would not be prosecuted, while at the same time sending other classified document offenders off to prison for lesser, but still serious offenses.

American’s, who voted Trump for President, see no justice here. They see that media corruption is as rampant as the establishments and are perplexed that the media does nothing to help the President press his winning promise to drain the swamp, but actually gets in his way by spreading fake news, lies and innuendos, challenging his every decision, remark and action like he’s an uninformed idiot. The media is the new enemy of constitutionalism since the old Democrat party is but a vague shell of itself, a mere shadow on the wall of political events, ineffective, redundant and obsolete. But, not wanting to appear as anything other than a fair “news source,” the media pretends to be concerned with events, while at the same time they drive them or worse, create them. Republicans are clueless on how to respond.

Sundays cable news shows, starting with Chris Wallace on Fox, and Chuck Todd on his channel, and others, want to appear to be objective in their lines of inquiry but whenever they meet the slightest opposition by a ‘guest’ they are interrogating, they push back with a degree of vehemence we’re unaccustomed to seeing. Interviewers should at all costs be phlegmatic but Wallace has even gotten testy when his assumptions are challenged and worse, when they are denied. His body language in his chair is a dead give-away, reinforced by overrunning the guest speaker with one new question after another leaving the question, not the answer to hang as a truth. It all appears to be an attempt at “gorkking” that satisfies only the interviewer who can then assume viewers agree with him. “Sorry, The matter is settled because time has expired.”

I like Reince Priebus as an interviewee. He doesn’t take any crap off Wallace the several times I’ve seen him and indeed, he’s the only one so far, that makes Wallace squirm in his seat for a better launching position, one supposes, for his next stupid question. It’s from the arena of public concern that changes must come.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12May17)

Here Comes John (Kasich)…Again


Opinion by George McClellan:

Not ignoring the continued Islamic attacks against western culture, other items of importance reveal themselves that should be addressed. I’m referring to the continued scheme by pushy Ohio Governor John Kasich, indefatigable champion of global warming, to position himself as the primary challenger to Donald Trump in 2020 and place the elite driven, corrupt American government he so loves (the swamp), into his capable hands. John knows the way! Hummn?

He made the usual perfunctory comment by a nobody, about the most recent Islamic London Bridge attack: “We stand in solidarity with our great ally and send our prayers across the Atlantic, Now more than ever we must strongly keep the trust of our allies.”  The “strongly keep the trust of our allies,” bit was Kasich’s dig at President Trump’s abandoning the silly Paris Peace accord. Specifically, The Ohio Governor said:

”Rather than withdrawing the United States from the climate agreement and relinquishing our historic role of world leadership (Obama already did that,Trump reclaimed it), the Trump Administration should have worked to improve the treaty from within (how?). Continuing, he added: “Let’s be clear. I wasn’t happy with the original agreement, (a sop to conservatives) especially in light of the Obama administration’s failure to work with Republicans in Congress on terms acceptable to both parties.” “But, I know that climate change is real.” (It’s called weather John, and fuzzy thinking like that should kill your campaign right there) “It is a global issue and will need a global agreement to address.” (it’s only an issue to believers in global wealth redistribution). “And we could have (re)negotiated that agreement in ways that would not needlessly destroy jobs” (Clearly, Kasich has bought into the fake news of American job loss when just the opposite is true). “The Trump Administration could have shown leadership by working to improve the agreement”:  (It did! He took us right out of it).

“The largest emitters of greenhouse gases (China & India) could have been asked to commit to concrete, obligatory reductions in emissions”; (they were, and they declined)

“The agreement could have targeted the root cause of global warming greenhouse gas emissions, (from what source, the sun or those hundreds of pesky volcanoes?), instead of an indirect measure such as aggregate global temperature; and….

More thorough analysis of the costs and the benefits could have provided greater assurance that jobs were not unnecessarily being put at risk. (It has been done John, by Conservatives not agenda driven radical marxist numbers crunchers) “A properly negotiated agreement could actually have ended up driving innovation and creating jobs.” (Dealing with EU leftists leaders will never happen. Besides, innovation and creativity are not government jobs).

“By withdrawing from the agreement, the Administration has passed up an opportunity both to expand U.S leadership in clean energy technology and to create well-paid American jobs with a future.” (Green energy policy is not a government function as Obama’s pet project failures proved. If people want it they’ll buy it. If it cannot compete in the market place, without government interference, then it’s not wanted. This is the very essence of Americanism).

America cannot afford a return to Kasich’s idea of Americanism. American’s are not for a One World Government either. We can’t afford it and we don’t need it. It’s unamerican after all.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (5Jun17)

The Depths of Corruption – Follow the Money


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Trump is no dummy and should not be underestimated as evidenced by the skill he employed in neutralizing his main internal enemy, FBI Director James Comey. Perhaps Trump’s other adversaries should think about looking for good lawyers. Evidence, not innuendo, rumors or fake news like the “Comey Memo,” is starting to reveal the real depths of corruption that infects the highest levels of the FBI and DoJ. Comey’s job, was simply to protect the establishment, the one he was invited to join many years ago. How else could a civil servant, a DoJ lawyer on a scheduled income, become a multi-millionaire? Corrupt politics of course.

As always, follow the money! Even as far back as George H.W. Bush’s administration the money string, then as now, always seems to lead back to the cash pit that was Saudi Arabia, a Wahhabis Islamic country still funding the creation of Islamic schools in the west.

Back then, the Saudi’s had an iron grip on world energy production through OPEC. George H.W. Bush, was then an advisor of influence for the Carlyle Group investment firm and apparently had a hand in arranging a billion dollar investment, to help his friends, from a Saudi family named the bin Laden’s. Carlyle is the largest financier of weapons in the world, buying up defense companies whenever and where ever they can. The Bush’s, father and son are, or were, both paid adviser to the firm. Making money for their investors is their business and war and conflict is the vehicle that drives it,….follow the money!

At that time the FBI Director was one Robert Mueller, probably directly responsible for America not being prepared for the 9/11 attack by officially ignoring the warnings. A Judicial Watch inquiry reports that Director Mueller killed an FBI counter-terrorism initiative out of the Chicago Field Office that was following a Saudi money laundering scheme that revealed that an imminent attack against America was probable. That attack occurred on 9/11.

In 2013, there was much ‘too do’ about Obama nominating James Comey, a Republican, as Director of the FBI to replace the retiring Robert Muller. But, for the establishment elites he was the perfect choice because Comey, like many aspiring government attorneys looking for wealth and advancement, can wear any hat that fits the need, in this case maintaining the status quo of the elite, corrupt federal government. Comey’s was picked because of his long connections with the Clinton’s formed years earlier when he was a very young, eager assistant AG.

Jump forward to today and, because of Trump, the evidence of government corruption is spilling out with revelations that intelligence agencies and the FBI, under Obama, systematically violated Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by illegally eavesdropping on millions of Americans. Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, for political reasons, was a willing participant to protect the government. Now, it’s to protect them from Trump.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) is apoplectic learning that their authority to protect the 4th Amendment rights of American citizens was simply ignored by Obama, the FBI and the NSA. Indeed, it was the FBI Directors main job to protect the elites, old and new, from investigations like Clintons for example, which he did. Comey is now gone and all bets are off. Comey’s ‘evidence’ now lies in the hands of the new US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Power, and the deadly potential of its use, has shifted hands. The media’s attacks on Trump will continue, so watch for the radical democrats to slow down a bit and let the media carry their water. Trump will do what he has to do. It is imperative if America is to survive.

Sabotage, Treachery & Resistance = Treason


Opinion written by George McClellan

Living in a country with an established democracy for over 241 years, how is it that a past president now commands the enemy host dedicated to destroying that democracy by actively pursuing the defeat and collapse of the very country he once led? Because he couldn’t do it in the eight years he was president and his policies were discarded out of hand, by American voters in three consecutive national elections.

Organizing for America (OFA), the creation of the former president, is composed of 30,000 or so super ‘snowflake’ marxists, anarchists and brainwashed idiots, dedicated to the repeal and replacement of our democracy with a fascist government absolutely opposed to self-reliance, self-dependence, inherent human freedoms and individual opportunity.

This OFA is the culmination of years of community organizing that has included the stealth placement of liberal judges, not infused with Constitutional law but dedicated to installing, by decree, the Marxist plan for America’s ultimate subjugation. What can’t be won at the ballot box must therefore, be imposed by judicial decree.

The ex-president said he was going to stay involved via community organizing, to speak out on the issues he thought important to the completion of his unfinished plan to “fundamentally change America.” OFA is the vehicle the former president will use to implement the “resistance” we see growing across America. Hillary Clinton recently pledged her “resistance” to everything Trump. Might we see a growing conspiracy here? They must realize that former FBI Director Comey won’t be around to protect them?

OFA, is dedicated to imposing “Progressive” changes that include gun control, single payer healthcare, abortion, sexual equality, climate change, & immigration reform. The former president, from the safety of his DC bunker home said: “Organizing is the building block of everything great we’ve accomplished. Organizers around the country are fighting for change in their communities-and OFA is one of the groups on the front lines…Commit to this work in 2016 and beyond.”  Prophetic words indeed from the leader of an organization that now fancies itself a shadow government, one that lurks in the background like a cancer cell ready to spread its corruption into the body politic at every opportunity.

In the New York Post recently, Paul Sperry wrote: “OFA will fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency and (he) will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.” OFA is funded through through a series of Progressive, non-profit PAC’s, supplemented by George Soros, having about $40 million in donations to work from.

 Trump probably works faster than the former president can organize against him but, whenever the administration announces a program, the OFA, on signal, instantly will flood the affected area with anarchists or fill the cyber-space with alleged voter outrage and demands. The ACLU will launch countless law suits in jurisdictions with activist judges and in resignation, weak, feckless politicians, weak Republicans, will collapse and comply in fear of the coming media attacks against them and, sadly, the swamp will never be drained. Wealth, like Jim Comey now enjoy’s, will be made and the American people will once again become servants instead of masters.

Maybe Thomas Jefferson was right. The tree of liberty occasionally needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (26May17)

The Failing Attacks on Trump


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Why the hysterical Democrats, entrenched Republican’s and their propagandists, the MSM, feel it’s important to continue their attacks on Donald Trump is because he’s a danger to their livelihoods. They have assumed Trump, despite his business success, to be a politically illiterate buffoon, evidenced by the class of people who voted him into office. That was an incalculable outrage they never expected, will not accept and will work tirelessly to reverse.

How does an entrenched corrupt political machine save itself when it’s caught in the headlights? By corrupting the very organs that could put them in prison, the DoJ and the FBI. I suspect that Loretta Lynch, former AG, could soon find herself in the dock along side other identified DemPro politicians of the Obama administration, not forgetting Hillary’s crimes as well. Lynch was stupid and got exposed. Clinton was deceitful, greedy and egocentric. She got exposed. The IRS got exposed, the EPA got exposed and yet, nobody is headed for jail!

Then comes the Comey affair. Comey, as FBI Director, was the linchpin of corrupt propriety. “We can’t prosecute her, she had no intent on her part to harm America!” The FBI has spoken and Comey was her savior. His indisputable ten year position as Director of the respected and feared FBI was thought unassailable. Or was it? Democrats trembling in eager anticipation that Comey would find or create, a Trump connection with Russia that would prove Hillary should be President, never materialized. It couldn’t because it didn’t happen. So, continue looking!

Then that sneaky, cunning Trump, the medias presidential buffoon, did the unexpected. He actually did fire James Comey while the Director was in LA. The Democrats screamed, it was a  violation of protocol, bloody murder, “He can’t do that,” the Director was heading up a Trump collusion investigation so, he must have been getting close, all nonsense of course.

Immediately Comey was away on his trip and Trump issued his “pink slip” to the Directors office, the new AG, Jeff Sessions, swarmed the Directors office, seized all his files, lap tops, disks, papers, reports, names and address books, storage units, everything not nailed down and all are now in the hands of the AG, a loyal staff going through them bit by bit. A classic move, but not unexpected. Important to the firing was complete secrecy or Comey, hearing he would be fired, would have removed all incriminating evidence beforehand. It was a White House, DoJ stealth operation with DoJ lawyers and FBI Agents loyal to America eagerly participating.

Former FBI Director Comey, the epitome of the corrupted establishment state composed of Democrats and Republicans alike, embedded deep state federal bureaucracy workers, lobbyists and even, I suspect, some high ranking military officers are all now wondering when the axe will fall as surely it will. Comey was the plug needed to drain the swamp.

Comey’s professional history is a study in favoritism. He was indebted to the Clintons. He owed them his career and did so by providing cover for their crimes. His job was to kill the felony investigation of Hillary Clinton. At the same time, Comey started work on an Obama demand to monitor Donald Trump (illegally) and all persons involved in the Republican campaign to acquire dirt that could be used to hurt Trump later. This included using a fake “dossier” paid for by Clinton’s campaign to create justification for the surveillance and connect Trump’s campaign to Russians skulduggery. It failed, the scheme was exposed, the media went nut’s looking for another excuse to discredit Trump and yet, he still smiles and goes about his business of erasing the Obama legacy. It’s a pity the press hasn’t got it yet. Hate is a powerful drug.

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