Tax Changes How About The Fair Tax?


Let me try to understand this. We are debating changes to our “Progressive” tax code, to make it easier for politicians to shake us down with us liking it, with people who can’t balance the checkbook and won’t listen to us anyway. Am I missing something? 

So far, I have not yet heard the words “Fair Tax” enter this discussion. Why is that? Well, It’s all about economic control that allows politicians to pick and choose winners and losers. That power alone allows them to keep their jobs, stiff us, and make us play their game. I’m tired of it. 

When corrupt politicians control our lives and we don’t recognize what it is doing to us, we allow their actions to pass on without complaint hoping apparently, that somebody else will do something.  Americans just want to be left alone to provide for their families and their retirements, and it’s always the damn politicians who stand in our way. Less government means more freedom and I think the crippling effect of government deciding who pays how much, is unconstitutional anyway. A Fair Tax would solve that.

Congressional Republicans are ineffective at governing. Before, a few Congresses had over seventy GOP co-sponsors for the “FairTax”. Today, it’s half that. The reason was that it was once safe for them to say; “Yes, we support the Fair Tax” but, they never had an inkling they would actually have a chance to vote for it. They don’t want that. Now they just ignore it and hope it goes away.

When the Republicans became the majority and changing the tax code became a serious issue, they could still talk around it. With Trump’s election, Republicans went into a panic mode because they can’t or don’t want to explain the FairTax, let alone implement it. 

I have talked with congressional campaigners in past elections and realized most are clueless about how the real tax system works or how the Fair Tax could improve economics for all. 

This might help explain Obama’s twenty trillion dollar national debt he saddled us with leaving Donald Trump to take the blame when it all collapses, as it will, shortly. 

The most important reason for their impotence is that under the Fair Tax politicians lose control over us. ‘Nuf said?” They would lose their power to reward and punish Americans using the current tax code and its enforcement arm, the IRS Gestapo, as a weapon. With the Fair Tax, loopholes would be closed and there would be no reason for the corruption lobbying encourages. Lobbyists bring money, and favors to our public servants ensuring the continuation of government corruption, not because money corrupts but because politicians are corruptible. One only need look at the Clinton Foundation and the Podesta Group to see real crime rings that can run circles around the Mafia. The changes wrought could be incalculable. Patronage would be threatened, tax lawyers and tax preparers would go belly up, and, lacking a “raison d’faire,” corrupt politicians would go home and try to exist off their congressional retirements. Not too shabby. With the Fair Tax we could also demand, because we desperately need it, term limits at all levels of government, not just the President.

But, that ain’t gonna happen. You know it and I know it because we simply do not have the power to lift the yoke of oppression off our shoulders or stop the lash on our backs and, be it a Democrat, a Republican or far left Socialists like uncle Bernie and Aunt Warren, our public servants in Washington won’t allow that.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12Nov17)

Gilmer Schools Targeted for Identity Theft?


Forensic investigations have begun in Gilmer’s Board of Education as 56 people have reported incidents of identity theft as they have been filing taxes.

With both the IRS and a private RSM Securites investigation, local school administration has not found any breaches into their system. Officials have pulled email authentication logs, event logs, IP addresses, access logs, and additional files to review, but have not found correlations yet with those affected.

There does not appear to be a specific group affected either as Stuart Sheriff, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services, did tell FYN that affected employees have come from different departments, teachers, administrators, and even staff.

Since the investigations are ongoing, no additional information could be provided. However, Sheriff did tell FYN that the investigations are not only searching for the cause, but have also exposed certain vulnerabilities where School Administration has already improved security.

Additional precautions are also being taken according to Superintendent Dr. Shanna Wilkes. And while Gilmer is being affected, no word has come from neighboring counties experiencing similar issues.

While no breach has been found yet, investigations are continuing into all possible connections between those affected.


H & R Block – Here to Help with Tax Needs


FYN spoke with local H & R Block for some insight on tax season.  This is what we found out.

Its Refund Season at H&R Block we are celebrating Refund Season with 1000 win $1000 Daily Sweepstakes. Drawings began on January 16 and will continue drawing daily through February 15. Just come into our office for more info on how to enter.


Two hot topics this year:

Tax Identity theft;

It is the fastest growing crime in America! In 2013 1.63 million taxpayers were affected by tax identity theft. If someone steals your identity and files a fraudulent tax return, it could take you months or even years to resolve the issues and receive your refund. In an effort to combat tax identity theft, the IRS has formed a partnership with states and the private sector tax industry (including H&R Block). They are sharing u tube videos on how to protect yourself from being a victim.  A few things you can do to help prevent identity theft is file your return as early as possible, change your passwords often and never give out personal info. At H&R Block we have Tax Identity Shield, a new product that no one else has that helps protect and monitor the safety of your tax return.


The next big thing is the Affordable Care Act; this year the penalty increased dramatically if you do not have health insurance. Also you are now required to have form 1095a to file your tax return if you obtained your health insurance through the Marketplace.

At H&R Block we can do your personal, business, corporation and partnership tax returns. We do bookkeeping and payroll. Our offices are open year round to support you. We look forward to serving you and all of your tax needs.

H&R Block has 3 convenient locations in Ellijay. You can find us online at

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