Gilmer Budget Sessions for 2018

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ELLIJAY, GA – The Gilmer County Board of Commissioners held the budget review sessions in preparation for the 2018 Budget.

The videos below document the departments with which the Commissioners spoke. Citizens can attend the Budget Finalization Meeting on Monday, Nov. 6, at 10 a.m. or stay with Fetch Your News for updates after the meeting.


Voter Registrar


Health Department


Probate Court, Elections


Magistrate Court


District Attorney




Code & Regulatory Compliance


Whitepath Golf Course


Tax Assessor, Board of Assessors


Public Defender


Road Department, Solid Waste, Maintenance Shop, Airport


Planning & Zoning


Clerk of Superior Court, Board of Equalization


Park & Recreation




Sheriff, Detention Cener, E-911


Fire & EMS, EMA


Courthouse & Facilities


Animal Control


Tax Commissioner


Swearing in the New Year


Monday, December 19, saw Judge Brenda Weaver appearing in Gilmer County’s Courthouse to swear in newly elected and returning officials for their offices in our county.

The day began with Probate Judge elect Scott Chastain taking his oath in his soon to be courtroom before officially donning is black robe for the first time.

Be sure to follow those sworn in and also watch the oaths below.




Scott Chastain Sworn in as Probate Judge.








Roger Kincaid sworn in as Chief Magistrate.









Glenda Sue Johnson sworn in as Clerk of Superior Court.









Stacy L. Nicholson sworn in as Sheriff.







Rebecca A. Marshall sworn in as Tax Commissioner.








Jerry B. Hensley sworn in as Coroner.









Dallas Howard Miller sworn in as County Commissioner Post 1.







Jeffery T. Vick sworn in as Surveyor.









Thomas A. Ocobock sworn in as Board of Education, Post 1.










James Parmer sworn in as Board of Education, Post 2.








Nick Weaver sworn in as Board of Education, Post 3.










Ronald Watkins sworn in as Board of Education, Post 5.





Ad Valorem Tax Issue to be Repaid to BOE


A clerical error was brought forth at Monday Night’s, August 10, Board of Education Work Session pointing out $926,708 being distributed incorrectly over the last 3 years.

During the meeting, Dr. Shanna Wilkes spoke of an error made in the TAVT (Title Ad Valorem Tax) Distribution. This error, which has persisted since the change in the Ad Valorem Taxes 3 years ago, was discovered in early July by Tax Commissioner Rebecca “Becky” Marshall after it ended up sending the Board of Education’s portion of the TAVT to the Board of Commissioners and the Ellijay and East Ellijay city governments.

With the error discovered and corrected, each entity is now receiving their correct portions. Marshall is also setting up plans to repay the previous money back to the BOE from the other governments. According to Tax Commissioner records, in total, the Board of Commissioners owes $843,169.36, Ellijay owes $67,700.44, and East Ellijay owes $15,910.23.

The stark difference in money owed, according to Marshall, comes from the amount mis-distributed to each entity. When normally distributed between the BOC, Ellijay, and East Ellijay, this distribution mirrors the LOST and SPLOST percentages.

Though it’s unclear at this time exactly how all the payments will be handled as FYN spoke with different representatives from each government. Marshall suggests the payments should be made through a partial withholding from the future TAVT distributions until the balances are equalized. Such a method would fluctuate month to month, based on the breakdown of distribution for each entity, while allowing each government to still receive parts of its TAVT Distribution. This plan could calculate out to 14 moths for the BOC, 9 months for Ellijay, and 4 months for East Ellijay to pay off their respective amounts.

But with each government well into their fiscal years, it stands to question if the budgets can sustain this drop in funding.

Chairman Paris has indicated a desire to meet with Becky Marshall and Superintendent Dr. Shanna Wilkes in efforts to speak on the issue and set up a plan for repayment. He has also suggested two members of the Board of Education and Financial Officers of each entity to be present.

Marshall also states discussions with the Department of Revenue suggests that Gilmer is not the only county facing these issues with the changes to Ad Valorem.

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