Short Takes – America’s in a Mess


America’s in a Mess

The slow poisoning of America by Progressivism has made a complete mess out of our government. Especially messy is the vapid thinking of our politicians who behave more like money exchangers in the temple than statesmen. They have allowed, indeed encouraged, America’s enemies to attack our strengths, our religious and moral codes, our intellectual achievements and our responsibilities for teaching our young the strengths that come from a Constitution, one unlike any other constitution in history, the ultimate achievement of the Codes of Hammurabi, the Arbroath Declaration and the Magna Carta.

Politicians have brought America to a state of serious decline in our moral, religious, and intellectual values. American’s are in confusion, constantly being lied to by the Leftist media, who push fake news as real, demean and destroy anyone with a “conservative” thought, and constantly denigrate the values that made America great. Many Americans don’t know what our Constitution prohibits because they’re not taught it in school and many don’t bother to find out. We elevate some really stupid people from our pool of know nothings and foolishly ask them to represent us in Congress. The pity is, they also don’t know the Constitution and apparently don’t care. Soon, they quickly join in the looting themselves.

Because we have sent stupid people to Congress, people who do not know what to do, or not wanting to make serious Constitutional decisions, a bureaucracy of regulators was created, many of them poisoned by “Progressive” Marxism, all to circumvent the Constitution and set the rules by which we must daily live, like making wedding cakes for Gays, allowing choices of bathroom use by sicko’s and what one can or cannot do on their private property.

No one talks about the inconvenient “enumeration of powers” clause let alone enforce it, so we are now a confused bunch of citizenry, clearly aware something is seriously wrong but not really knowing how to deal with it. Enter Donald Trump, a non politician, who has shown us a pathway back. They’re trying to destroy him but, for now, they’re having a hard time doing it.

The US Constitution specifies who does what in the running of our government. It is the  Congress that makes law and it is the President who enforces them. As the President can’t do it all by himself, the rise of a bureaucratic state emerged. Still, the powers of making laws and enforcing them are distinctly specific as our forefathers anticipated, so that the Executive Branch and the Congress, could act as checks on the other. It ain’t working folks!

The attempt to unshackle politicians from the restraints of the US Constitution started long ago, a hundred years in fact. War in Europe was the burning issue of the day so Congress started  sharing law making, with no constitutional authority, to run the day to day affairs of government. Congress, eager to shed their responsibilities to govern, delegated the mechanism of rulemaking and enforcement to the creation of new agencies within the government that affects us to this very day, leaving us burdened with a ponderous “Code of Federal Regulations.”

Today we are saddled with a bureaucratic state of unelected pencil pushers, actuaries and lawyers who actually run our government. They are the administrative deep state, aka: The “Swamp,” political creatures who will fight to defend their turf and will go down fighting. Because we live in a time of Constitutional illiteracy we must constantly, as individuals, remind our elected officials, until they can be replaced, of the peril they have put America in. If they are Progressives, well, don’t bother, they won’t listen anyway, so they must be voted out.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (06Dec17)

Short Takes – Renegade Cities


Renegade Cities

Progressivism has so poisoned America and Americans, that we are left stunned by the Jury’s Kate Steinle’s murder verdict in San Francisco and stagger in disbelief when a clear case of homicide against a multi-felony count illegal alien intruder, who casually shot to death a woman on a San Francisco Pier with a stolen gun, was acquitted of the crime by a “jury of his peers.”  

Were his peers illegal aliens too? Probably not. Juries are selected from tax or voter rolls, not from street corner loafers. Illegals do not go on record so they don’t pay taxes unless making a purchase. Therefore, the deep reach of Progressivism, as we have long suspected, must have poisoned the population of San Francisco taxpayers and turned them into real versions of brain dead zombies. No other answer could possibly explains the jury’s outrageous decision.  

This shocking verdict will have consequences, and they will be intended. For the many of America’s renegade cities, like San Francisco, this verdict will be the key that energizes a slow to anger citizenry to renew calls to defund Renegade cities and build the wall. Also, it will help sweep away Progressivism in our Federal judiciary, like the 9th District Court of Appeals with their myriad of unconstitutional rulings that encourage, indeed support, sanctuary cities. This verdict should focus all eyes on the total and complete dysfunction of Progressivism and hasten its demise, not that they’re not already doing a good enough job of it themselves.

If American’s do not feel safe, and are not safe on their own streets for which they pay high  taxes to maintain and protect, then the ground swell of hate and discontent will overwhelm the local political system and sweep all the buggers away into history. I believe it will mark a whole change in America’s course back to Constitutionalism. It had better do!

San Francisco, in its Barbary Coast days of the Gold Rush, rapid growth, agriculture and trading across the Pacific, also found a rapid growth of crime and a weak or nonexistent system of law enforcement, occasionally composed of individuals appointed as Sheriff’s, Marshall’s, and Constables because of their notoriety as gunfighters and tough guy’s. But they too were overwhelmed if not suborned by the criminal elements and, to the chagrin of the hapless citizens, violent street crimes continued almost unabated. So, alarmed elements of honest merchant class citizens, organized themselves into para-judicial groups variously called “Vigilantes or Regulators.”  It ushered in a short but bloody period of much needed social correction.

Criminals were soon found hanging from trees in areas outside the cities. This alarmed the city fathers who quickly saw the need for the development of a police force that would enforce the laws officially and protect the citizenry. Vigilantism in San Francisco soon disappeared and serious crime soon abated, until, that is, this new era of Progressive “Sanctuary Cities.”

Renegade City’s that protect criminality (illegal aliens), and order the official police forces to protect them are in serious danger of facing some form of retribution. People need to protect themselves and their families and, if the police and politicians won’t do it, the law of unintended consequences will certainly intrude. San Francisco today is not like the San Francisco of the 1800’s. While petty street crimes still exist, gunfighters generally do not. Mostly, now, criminals are protected by the edict of local Commie governments all supported by a few local and Federal courts. It’s going to come to a head and sooner than they think!  So, beware!

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