Jerry Tuso Announces He is Seeking Post 1 Commissioner

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Jerry Tuso has announced that he will seek the Post 1 position on the Gilmer County Board of Commissioners and will run as a member of the Republican Party.
He is currently the 1st Vice Chairman of the Gilmer County Republican Party..In the last five years this organization has grown rapidly in participation and is known through out the state a s major player in the Republican field in the selection and support of conservative candidates. He is very happy that the local GOP has been able to issue many scholarship to many Gilmer High Sstudents.

Tuso says his work experience is varied and encompasses his four years as an air traffic controller in the United States Air Force, 22 years as an FAA air traffic controller from which he retired honorably.. In addition, for three years he served as the Human Resources Manager for Crown, Cork And Seal Company and 3 years as the vice-chairman and chairman of the planning and zoning commission in the City of Hurst, Texas, with a population of 60,000 where he attended Tarrant Business School.

The candidate currently serves as an expert in contract negotiations dealing with the Federal Aviation Administration and federal contractors in the air traffic control towers and weather observer sites and has done this for 18 years.

Tuso and his wife Christine, live in Quinn Spring subdivision and are charter members of Mountain View Alliance Church, which is heavily committed to the mission field.His daughter, Leslie, is currently a Methodist Pastor at Williamstown UMC in McCaysville, Ga.

In making his announcement Tuso said

“My priorities are to make sure that Gilmer County maintains a stable financial position and provides the continuation of strong law inforcement, parks and recreation for the children and bring new businesses to Gilmer County via possible tax incentives”.

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