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An agency of the Federal Government devised a hair brained scheme to sell automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords. As a result, hundreds of Mexicans and an American border patrolman were killed. Attorney General Holder lied to Congress about it…no one was fired.
The State Department (under Hilary Clinton) denied a request from our ambassador to reinforce our embassy in Benghazi. And when the embassy was attacked, refused to send help. As a result, four Americans, including our Ambassador were killed. Hilary Clinton and everyone connected to the Obama Administration lied to the American public and said this was a spontaneous demonstration caused by a video…no one was fired.

The IRS abused its authority and persecuted Tea Party, Conservative and Religious groups by intimidating and bullying them with onerous amounts of paperwork and intrusive questions. And the law was clearly broken when their tax related information was sent from the IRS to the Federal Elections Commission…no one was fired.

Until recently, the question was; What does it take to be fired by the Obama Administration? We now know. Just recently, a government employee was fired from his job for tweeting criticism of Obama’s advisor, Valery Jarrett and an Obamacare telephone operator was fired for telling the truth, that no one calling in about Obamacare liked it. She said she was not even allowed to clean out her locker and was escorted out of the building like a criminal.

What a legacy for Barrack Obama, who promised he would “change the tone in Washington” if elected as president. Not only did he not change the tone, he made it much, much worse by unleashing government agencies, from the EPA to the IRS, to harass Everyday Americans.

Opinion by Conrad Quagliaroli

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