Details Confirm One Fatality in Vehicle Fire


ELLIJAY, GA – Officials have confirmed that one fatality and two injuries resulted from last week’s, August 23, vehicle fire in Highway 515.

Unfortunately, the fatality has been confirmed to be a juvenile according to Public Safety Director Tony Pritchett. The other two injuries, both female, we quickly moved to emergency rooms for care.

“It’s a very sad situation, and our heart goes out to the family,” said Pritchett.

He also told FYN that the vehicle fire is suspected to have been caused by a malfunction in the vehicle, possibly in the fuel line. He confirmed there was no other vehicle involved in the incident and it appears to have simply been an issue with the vehicle itself. However, due to the extent of the burn the vehicle withstood, the cause is officially being labeled undetermined.

With units in quick response from Fire Station 1, Pritchett tells FYN he was pleased that units arrived on scene quickly and took control of the situation in a professional manner as they redirected traffic and provided care.


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