BOC approves county millage rates for 2022


GILMER COUNTY, Ga. – Set for final approval this week, the Gilmer County Board of Commissioners held a special called meeting approving both theirs and the Board of Educations approved millage rates.

The Board of Education advertised their millage rate at 11.099 mills. Approved by the county, the BOE’s millage rate calculates for a tax levy of $20,123,750. After advertisement and approval from the Board of Education last week, the item must be approved by the Board of Commissioners after as the county government is the official tax collection entity.

After the motion for the BOE, the commissioners moved on to their own rates, originally motioning to approve the rate at 5.541 mills. However, after the motion from Chairman Charlie Paris and a second from Post Commissioner Karleen Ferguson, Post Commissioner Hubert Parker again advocated for a further reduction past the Rollback Rate. Officially advocating for a tax cut, Parker said that with the rising inflation, the county needed to make an effort, even a small one, to relieve some of that stress.

Paris has noted in previous meeting that the inflation is a concern for both the citizens and the county, who is still facing rising costs and contract renegotiations due to inflation. However, he joined discussions and said he had the county Finance Officer, Sandi Holden, look into further decreases. Parker originally spoke about options of going further down to 5,45 mills and later noted the even 5.50 mills would send a good message.

Acquiescing to the option of 5.50 mills, the board voted down the original motion of 5.541 mills. Then, a new motion by Paris came for approval of 5.50 mills. Seconded by Parker, the motion passed unanimously. In addition to the millage rate, Post Commissioner Parker suggested a letter to constitutional officers and department heads in the county to hold in mind the rising inflation in the final months of this budget and entering the budget process for next year.

Parker read a suggestion for that later stating, “As you are aware, the county is operating a tight budget and unusually high inflation has caused it to be even tighter. This may be a good time to review your budget for the current year and adjust accordingly.”

Additionally, the county continued its 1 mill General Obligation Bond Millage Rate.

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