Election Results for Gilmer County

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The votes have tallied and the results delivered. While some races will receive their final decisions today, others are simply looking on to July for the next round. Meanwhile, citizens look for answers as they study tonight’s results. In a remarkably low voter turn out, many of the races received  over a third of their votes from absentee and mail in votes.


Check out the precincts here and the totals below.
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Gilmer Totals


Who will be the next Gilmer County Probate Judge? Watch the Candidates Debate

Candidates Scott Chastain, Susan Keener, Josh Teague, Andrew Lowman. Moderator CEO FetchYourNews.com Brian K. Pritchard

Candidates Scott Chastain, Susan Keener, Josh Teague, Andrew Lowman. Moderator CEO FetchYourNews.com Brian K. Pritchard

Members of TEA Party of Gilmer County Executive Board. Dave Meadows, Frank Oglesby, Buddy Barrett

Members of TEA Party of Gilmer County Executive Board. Dave Meadows, Frank Oglesby, Buddy BarrettW

Watch the Candidates debate in the video below.

Local Attorney, Andrew Lowman, Announces His Intention to Run for Gilmer County Probate Judge

Election, Politics

I, Phillip Andrew Lowman, would like to announce my candidacy for Gilmer County Probate Judge. I have been fortunate enough to call this wonderful place my home for the majority of my life. My family has lived in and been a part of Gilmer County since the late 1800’s. I attended school with many of you, from my early education at Oakland Elementary all the way through Gilmer High School. I have worked with and learned from many of you, and now would be honored to have the opportunity to work for you.

The Probate Judge in Gilmer County is responsible for overseeing and ruling on a wide range of issues. As such, the Probate Judge must have the requisite knowledge to understand and apply the appropriate law to each case presented to the Court. The laws that govern the Probate Court are ever changing and the Probate Judge must have the ability to adapt to these changes, studying and understand the laws as they are modified or changed by the legislature, and have the ability to interpret decisions issued by the state’s higher courts.

The Probate Judge oversees the filing and probate of wills, the administration of an estate where no will exists, and the filing of Years Support petitions for a surviving spouse or minor child. In addition, the Probate Judge is responsible for hearing and ruling on all contested matters related to wills and/or the administration of an estate, which are frequently contested and can be extremely complex.

The Probate Judge is responsible for ruling on Petitions for Guardianship and Conservatorship, whether it be for a minor or incapacitated adult. The Probate Judge hears most traffic violations such as speeding and DUI, and decides disputes over right of ways and boundary lines. The Probate Judge is responsible for issuing firearms carry permits and marriage licenses, and maintains all birth and death records.

I believe that I am uniquely qualified for the position of Probate Judge as I am currently a private attorney focusing a large part of my practice on probate law. I have represented countless clients with probate matters throughout the probate courts in North Georgia. I consistently assist clients with the preparation of wills, and have represented numerous clients with probating wills. I have represented clients in highly contested legal disputes concerning the validity of a will or disputes concerning the administration of an estate where no will existed. I have represented numerous clients in their efforts to obtain Guardianships and/or Conservatorships for their loved ones. I have represented clients with disputes over right-of-ways in the probate court, and I consistently represent clients being charged criminally in the probate courts. I have served in the probate courts as a Court appointed Guardian Ad Litem for minor children and incapacitated adults. I have served as a Court appointed Conservator in the probate court, and currently serve as one of two County Administrator’s for the Pickens County Probate Court. In addition to probate law, my law practice has also consisted of representing clients with complex real estate matters, criminal matters, and social security disability.

I believe that experience is key to making sure that the people of Gilmer County are treated with the fairness, accountability, and integrity they deserve. I plan to use the experience I have gained to ensure that the Probate Court of Gilmer County is a level playing field for all those in need, with no exceptions. If elected, I pledge to see that the Gilmer County Probate Court operates efficiently and in a manner that the people of Gilmer County expect.

After graduating from Gilmer High School in 2003, I attended Kennesaw State University and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science. I then attended the Mercer University School of Law and graduated in 2011. After graduating from law school, I returned to the Law Office of William C. “Chuck” McCurdy where I have worked since I was 18. Since rejoining the firm as an attorney, my practice has continued to grow, and I consistently represent clients throughout the North Georgia area, primarily focusing on Gilmer, Pickens and Fannin Counties.

My parents are Phillip L. and Lisa Lowman. My Grandparents are the late Ranell Lowman and Ruth Weaver Lowman. My wife, Alicia, and I have one daughter, Emma.

I truly appreciate all the support I have received so far. I would be honored to serve the people of Gilmer County, and I plan to provide the high level of professionalism and fairness that the people of Gilmer County deserve. As we move forward through this election, I ask for your prayers, support, and your vote in the upcoming Republican Primary election in May of 2016.


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