County Materials Bids Approved for 2017

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – The Gilmer County Board of Commissioners approved Materials Bids for the coming 2018 year. After accepting bids for the five areas, only one has been rejected.

Emulsion was the one rejected bid. Hudson Materials delivered a bid to the county for emulsion over $1.50 for all three of their materials. Deemed higher than expected, the commissioners voted to reject this bid. Chairman Paris assured those present there would be enough time to rebid this before the new year.

C.W. Matthews Contracting Company out of Marietta, Georgia, was awarded the county’s asphalt bid for materials ranging between $55 to $62 for 2018. Increases in these prices are also affecting paving projects and the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) for 2018 as Public Works Director Jim Smith estimated the county will be able to pave 7.63 miles with LMIG next year.

West Block Company was awarded its bid for concrete, beating Wayne Davis Concrete Company. Though discussion arose on certain aspects of the bid such as a “truck time charge after one hour,” the commissioners ultimately awarded the bid after continued investigation still resulted with West Block being the lower bid.









Another contested bid came with propane. Though Heritage Propane delivered a fixed price bid of $1.49 per gallon, they were largely outbid by Appalachian Propane at $1.08 per gallon.

The final bid, stone, was another uncontested bid, same as it was last year, by Vulcan Materials Company. With prices ranging between $15 and $30 depending on the grade and type of stone, Director Smith also reports this is another bid continuing to increase costs for the county in the coming year.


Purchasings Approved for Jasper City


The Jasper City Council finalized and approved several purchases and services for the city Monday night, April 6. However, the city started their new business with an approval for the Pickens County Sportsman’s Club to utilize city land at Cove Creek and Cove Road for their Fishing Rodeo. Officially approved by the council, the event will be held in May from the 11th to the 14th.


Pickens Sheriff Donnie Craig also presented a donation from the Sheriff’s Foundation to the Jasper Youth Sports Association (JYSA) for $5,000. Money coming from the popular “JeepFest” event has allowed the Sheriff’s Foundation to donate $140,000 to charities and Sheriff Donald Craig thanked the Council for their cooperation with the major event.


The purchases for the city came in 3 motions to approve a 5-foot Asphalt Spreader that has the ability to go up to 9 feet for the cost of $50,000, a trailer for the Asphault Spreader not to exceed $7,700, and an Asphault Roller/Compactor not to exceed $15,000. The later two motions will allow the city to move forward as they continue searching for the trailer and roller/compactor so long as the price does not exceed the approved funding. Of course, excess funds will return as savings.


An emergency situation brought the council to its next approved purchase involving a HydroStop. The HydroStop would allow repairs to a line in the Hunter’s Ridge area while avoiding a possible 24 hour interruption of service for the surrounding area as the water tank would have to be fully drained before repairs could be made. This approval came as an emergency purchase as the council was brought concerns that the current patch on the leak may not hold long enough for the next council meeting and bids for the service to be taken.


Along with the purchases, Mayor John Weaver put a proposal before the Council to take finalize a Contract Payable to Lee Mullins. Inolving the sewer line that was put to the area of the Racetrac, the proposal would pay off a large portion of the remaining balance on the contract. The approved agreement would pay $150,000 from an investment account in the Water Fund and also the City would waive property tax and water bills outstanding. This is still pending to be agreed upon by Mr. Mullins. According to Mayor Weaver, it would also free up the sewer line for further developments and allow the council to set new tap on fees for it.
In the final part of the meeting, the council received a request from the Downtown Alliance to utilize the Roper Hospital Property for a invite-only market style gathering. The event was suggested in the request to be an 8-tent event to be held on Wednesday nights from 4:00 – 8:00pm beginning in May and ending in September. Approval was given by the council, while Mayor Weaver did mention the council would retain the right to revoke the allowance should any major issues arise.

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