Lady Cats dominate the court with an impressive win over the Lady Raiders!

GHS Basketball

At the start both teams warmed up like pros and were ready for a fierce game. As both teams face off, the ball is tossed into the air with the Lady Raiders getting the ball first.

As each team went back and forth down the court the Lady Raiders took the first two points of the game due to a foul against Emma Deyton #20. Raider’s #3 takes her two shots flawlessly. Throughout this game there many fouls allowing each team to rack up the points. The Lady Cats didn’t let this phase them, they begin to pull away by the halftime leading the Lady Raiders 29-11.


Right as we begin the third period the Lady Raiders they make an impressive three pointer helping them gain a few more points. As we look at the faces of the Lady Cats and them passing the ball back into play you can see it, their faces read not today! Bailey Teague #32 brought the heat answering back with a three pointer giving them a 20 point lead over the Lady Raiders. The Lady Raiders have a strong 4thperiod but the Lady Cats didn’t back down they kept clawing their way to the top leaving their mark everywhere they went. That lead us to the last shot of the game taken by Emma Callihan #24 shooting a two pointer to bring home the win.

The Lady Cats are going to need more basketball shoes after burning up the court tonight claiming the victory over the Lady Raiders 52-34.


Marylee Callihan #10 – 15 points, Elly Callihan #1 – 8 points, Emma Callihan #24 – 8 points, Emma Deyton#20 – 6 points, Bailey Teague #32 – 6 points, Mallory Kiser #25 – 5points, Hope Colwell #4 – 2 points, Jalynn Ledford #52 – 2 points.

 After this hard fought win, the Lady Cats will be playing again Tuesday, January 15thagainst Heritage @ home, game starts at 6:00.


WOW… An Unexpected shot at the buzzer brings home the win.

GHS Basketball

The title doesn’t do it justice. #34 surprised us all making a shot at the buzzer. Let’s Recap and bring you to the monumental event and MOST definitely nail biting, standing, shouting, INTENSE game that the NBA Players would be proud to watch.

Let’s start this game; I’m not sure I can handle reliving this intense match! As these two men face off Kell Weaver comes out with an impressive vertical jump giving the ball first for the Bobcats. The ball then turns over to the Raiders and they take the first 3 points of this nail biting game but the Bobcats respond back. Tripp Pierce #13 takes a shot that misses but with Weaver #45 rebounding for a solid two points. As we progress, the Raiders give us our first foul of the game on Carter Hice #2. He takes that first shot missing, but as he steps up once more, dribbles a couple times, and looks at the goal you can see it in his eyes foreseeing the ball going through the hoop. His vision was absolutely right he sinks the second shot without any issue. These two teams now decide to have a 3 pointer shoot out. Raiders Andrew Fowler #2 shoots a three, then Bobcats Coady Cobb #10 sinks one as well. That wasn’t good enough still. They each do it once more bringing the two teams to a close game 11-10. With each and every possession of the ball each team brings it back to their hoop scoring more points, at halftime Bobcats lead the Raiders 32-29.


The speed continues through the third period but with a few less baskets than the first two periods. Gilmer gets a technical in the third period for the Coach talking to another player during game play. That leaves us with 2:05 left in the third, score is still going up but remaining close 40-34. As we move onto the fourth period we stay neck and neck, basket for basket these teams are FIERCE. A coin toss is what we can say for the possible ending thus far. Bobcats and Raiders are playing their hearts out. Both teams  start sharing fouls. Bobcats Kell Weaver #45 fouls Raiders Bryce Stanley #3 for two shots. We have another set of fouls against the Bobcats gaining more points for the Raiders tying the game up 51-51. Kell Weaver #45 is taken out of the game for his 5thfoul with two minutes left in the game. Folks, I know you can’t know this by reading it but Weaver has played a pivotal role in this game, making some incredible rebounds and plays throughout, most definitely an asset during this game. As the clock ticks down both teams are taking time outs left and right trying to get the next best play, what will they pick to beat their opponent. I’m in suspense folks just waiting!

What you are about to read would have you standing on your feet shouting  with rest of the crowd as the last few seconds tick down to the final of the game. We have .5 seconds left on the clock; Bobcats pass the ball into play from the Raiders sidelines. At this point, we ALL believe we are going into overtime. Tripp Pierce #13 passes the ball across the length of the court to Cade Carter who is being guarded but wait he takes the shot and scores the winning basket for the game!!!!! NONE of us thought this was going to happen.  Everyone jumps to their feet. The roar of the gymnasium is that of excitement, thrill, and belief in the Bobcats as the team celebrates. 


 Tripp Pierce #13 – 21 points, Kell Weaver #45 – 14 points, Coady Cobb #10 – 13 points, Braden Jenkins #22 – 9 points, Cade Carter #34 – 2 points, David Smith #5 – 2 points, Carter Hice #2 – 1 point

If the next game is anything like this one, you will want to be there. Bobcats will be playing on their court Tuesday, January 15that 7:30 against Heritage.


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