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Follow Col. Oscar Poole’s daily reports below from the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Read below what is being called the Col.’s Yellow suit rule.
Look for my updates here on fetch from the GOP convention.
Col. Oscar PooleThis finds my wife and me enroute to the Tampa GOP National Convention. This is our third national convention, attending San Diego and New York. Once I get there I am in My “element,” and My yellow suit seems to attract the media. I have already been on radio station WRGA, Rome, Ga this morning. I will be calling from the convention on several radio stations during the convention as well as reporting to you on Fetch Your News. My congrats to Brian and Daniel for doing a super job in reporting the political news of late, and now, a national convention.

Saturday update from Col. Poole.
This is Col. Oscar Poole again reporting for FETCH YOUR NEWS. Edna and I arrived here at the Grand Hyatton Tampa Bay one hour ago (2:50 PM) today, Sat Aug 25. Nothing going on at the hotel as we are somewhat early. The convention starts Monday at 2 PM. All Georgia delegates and alternates are meeting here in the Hyatt hotel for introductory matters. I have not heard concern about the hurricane expressed but I will keep you posted. That meeting of Georgians is scheduled for tomorrow Sun Aug 26 at 10:30 AM. This is my third national GOP convention and I am looking forward to it!

Sunday update from Col. Poole.
Reporting for FetchYourNews. Today has been ALL GEORGIA day at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Tampa Bay. Sue Everhart, State GOP chairman, told all the delegates that “Col. Poole was the only exception to all dress codes,” that, “He could wear his YELLOW SUIT to all occasions!” Col. Poole spent several hours with the “powers that be,” getting his picture with most officials, including the governor and congressmen from around the state. We are still waiting for the hurricane to move on past us (which we think it will) although everyone says it will impact us! As usual, there is an apparent celebrity mood among the Georgia delegates.

Monday update from Col. Poole:
This finds Edna and me having a great time as we wait for the GOP Convention to begin tomorrow. I was seen on TV dancing with those girls last night at the party of 10,000 under the dome at St. Petersburg, across the Tampa Bay. Also, a report has come that I was also seen on CBS News at the Villages. The sun is coming out, the clouds are nearly “rolled away,” and almost NO wind! WE HAVE MISSED THE STORM!

I noticed that FETCHYOURNEWS did not receive from me reports on the RNC for a couple of days. I apologize but will give you a summary report.

It is Sun afternoon. Edna and I are spending the night in Ocala, Fla. Onto Ellijay tomorrow. What an experience the RNC was! I was on 125 national and international media, TV, radio, newspapers, and social media. Many called Edna and me the “best dressed of the convention,” and, that we were the “most photographed!” On the floor Wed night I found myself perched beside the seating box reserved for dignitaries. (I did not know where I was!) It was reported, nationally, that the media ignored Nikki Haley, governor of SC, and swarmed over me. This is when CNN interviewed Scott Walker of Wisconsin for five minutes with me next to him. At one time I had my arm around him as he laughed at one of my stories. If you look up. you can see this. Simply google “Oscar Poole” and you will find much convention information where I was involved. I was featured in the London (England) THE SUNDAY TIMES today. Of course, I have not seen this! They are calling me to supper, so I had better respond. Hopefully, I can report more tomorrow. Co. Oscar Poole.

Edna and I are finally home. Again, sorry about the missing days and I apologize again! There were a multitude of happenings at the RNC, actually too many to give a fair report. Suffice it to say it was the BEST convention (our third national RNC) ever! I sense a tide of optimism rising for the election of Romney-Ryan. I did, more fully, report about the Tampa RNC on my Facebook page. You may go to Facebook/oscarpoole and request my “friendship” and I will gladly confirm it. Thanks.

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