One More Name For Your Christmas List


Some of my fondest, warmest memories are those from the Christmases of my youth. In those days, the 1950s, Christmas was more about Jesus than Santa. In downtown Atlanta department store windows were decked out with various Christmas displays including the Nativity. Even the county court houses had a Nativity.

Another mark of that era was the elaborate efforts made to decorate the neighborhood homes. There were lights, lights, and more lights. Some neighborhoods, like Sherwood Forrest, were famous for their lights. People would drive across town just to see them.

My family had two Christmas celebrations. The first, on Christmas Eve, was at Grandma’s. It was wonderful. All my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents gave me presents. Then, on Christmas morning, more presents from Mom and Dad. There were presents everywhere. What little boy wouldn’t love this setup?

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas and how we celebrate it. Tradition hasn’t changed. We still exchange gifts. But, why do we exchange gifts? It is Jesus’ birthday. What does He get?

In Scripture the Magi brought Jesus gifts, as did others I’m sure. This was as it should be.

The only reference in the New Testament to people exchanging gifts is found in Revelation when God’s two witnesses are killed. The people of the world then celebrated and exchanged gifts.

My point is simple. Shouldn’t we add Jesus to our Christmas list? Shouldn’t we give something to Him? Consider making an extra gift this year to a ministry that truly serves the Lord Jesus.

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