All Politics are Local


Short Takes by George McClellan:In my January 1st, 2014 article, The Coming Attacks, I specifically cited Karl Rove and his American Crossroads political action committee (PAC) as the driving force behind sustaining the big government Republican collaborators in their sole desire to remain in power. To quote a popular movie saying, the national NRC “has gone over to the dark side” and is trying to take the GOP with it.

The best, most recent demonstration of the power of the Rove money machine and the national GOP, was the orchestrated loss by Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. The NRC/Rove PAC simply withheld funds and the campaign died aborning. The Virginia campaign was only the most recent example. Look to Kentucky. But, the worst treasonable act of the GOP is to secretly fund the enemy to ensure that tea party candidates lose. Moderation and compromise are killing the GOP, and America with it.

In Eric Erickson’s RedState posting of 8 January 2014, he reported that Georgia’s Democrat candidate for Senator, Michelle Nunn, has stockpiled “massive amounts of cash” with the help of “big government Republicans” who are also funding efforts to ensure the defeat of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Is Eric Erickson wrong? I don’t think so, but all politics are local.

The GOP believes it must seize the center or die. No so! It must seize the right and keep it!
The “Center”? What is the center? The moderate GOP doesn’t realize the ‘center’ is the vast grassroots of conservative voters living in fly-over country, who won’t bother to vote when the moderate candidate already picked for them by Rove and company is about as exciting as watch reruns of “I Love Lucy”.

Now, the GOP wants to open the flood-gates of amnesty to illegals in the false belief that America needs the workers. America needs pickers and food harvesters, not more workers. We already have a vast pool of out of work American workers who need a job to support their families. If the GOP wants to appeal to Hispanics, then they should recognize that the Hispanic social culture is very conservative and tap into that. If the GOP wants to appeal to the Black community, then maybe they should embrace the Frederick Douglass Republicans philosophy of Respect for the Constitution, respect for life, belief in limited government and individual responsibility. Those principles have always been winners with the center. Embrace them and we will soon discover that all politics are local.

But, alas, I fear I’m blowing into the wind. It’s apparent the moderate GOP’s philosophy of collaboration and compromise, gifted by the rewards that go with them, is now too deeply imbedded in the moderate GOP gene pool to resist, so, moderation and collaboration will continue until we collapse. The GOP has been relegated to second tier status and there they will stay. Forget the Constitution. Socialist countries, like America is becoming, can’t abide the written rule of law.

Pork barrel spending, out of control deficits, rising taxes, redistribution of wealth and declining standards of living are all the result of bought politicians. They all lie to us. They create the problems and lie about how to fix them, then hope that low attention span voters will suffer mass memory loss and, like river debris flowing under a bridge, their acts and comments will be lost and forgotten forever.

I used to believe that elections every two, four and six years was the right solution to rooting out infected politicians. On paper it sounds good. In practice it’s not working. While we might get rid of our crook, the jurisdiction next door keeps theirs. Term limits is the only solution. Term limits, including for Federal judges like Chief Judas John Roberts, would keep politicians and judges honest. Politicians should not be allowed to amass personal wealth at the expense of tax-payers. If convicted of crimes they should lose all financial compensation including retirements. Criminality should not be rewarded. We’ve got to take our government back. Remember Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Go get ‘em! (9 January 2014)

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