The Enemy Within


Short Takes by George McClellanThe cancerous rot that forms the core of the GOP moderate elite collaborators at the national level, is now in a total, but unwanted, transparency mode. The National Chamber of Commerce has revealed themselves a collaborative organ of the GOP’s unconstitutional, big-government social and economic policies with their $50 billion pledge to defeat Tea Party candidates, encourage illegal immigration and take away our means of self-defense.

Comes now revelations that Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, and South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, are conspiring with former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, to attack our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms by introducing a bill that creates the ruse of classifying many Americans as mentally unbalanced. But worse, the two are behind the $50 billion CoC campaign to defeat TEA Party candidates who Cornyn has described as “fools” and “confrontational”. Cornyn doe not want any more Ted Cruz, Paul Rand or Mike Lee senators dismantling the GOP and their carefully crafted big-government program, from within.

Watch for these enemies from within, with the eager aid of the craven, rotten to the core senate majority leader Harry Reid and his intolerant minions, to eagerly continue their smear campaigns against TEA party candidates everywhere. The rising cacophony of noise from ignorant, big government politicians will drown out any common sense discourse and kill any ideas to restore our Republic, and the rot will go on.

A case in point is the quick dismantling of the Chris Christie persona. Once the darling of the Northeast liberal establishment, favorite as the potential GOP nominee for 2016, and now the floundering politician attempting to swat flies away from his face, is under attack, with or without evidence, for perceived malfunctions in his leadership. Christie wasn’t my guy but what’s happening is another visible example of where and how attacks on unwanted candidates will occur. The first was the Ken Cuccinelli betrayal in Virginia. The coming attacks against viable conservative candidates will have one ill side effect on politics. It will take our eyes off the crimes of Obama and his corrupt administration.

There is a great political struggle underway between the wicked forces of Big-Government socialism who hate the constitution, and the founding principles that established our once great American Republic. Progressives hate Republic-ism and the sovereignty of the people. They rule with a heavy hand, insist it’s their way or be taxed to death. Unhappily for us however, is the fact they also have the skills to stay united while dividing us rube republicans.

The driving force of Progressivism is hatred, paranoia and cruelty and the GOP side show adds to the illusion that our Federal government is out of control. Actually, it’s no illusion, the GOP side show confirms it. The Congress is a “Ship of Fools” and its crew desperately needs to be replaced. Tea party candidates need to be encouraged and their individual campaigns directly contributed to. Forget the National Republican Committee (NRC). They are devoted to sustaining Big Government and the destruction of conservative politicians who will upset the stats quo.

Who else makes up the enemy within? Karl Rove’s Super PAC American Crossroads; Defending Main Street Super PAC; Main Street Advocacy Fund; Main Street Individual Fund, reportedly a George Soros supported group; Kentuckian’s for Strong Leadership, any group with Rep. Peter King’s name associated with it, and the US Chamber of Commerce. Remember, freedom is the goal, The Constitution is the way. Go get ‘em! (14 Jan 2014)

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