Disaster, and How We Are Getting There


An opinion by George McClellan: Have you seen the movie WWZ? Anything that Hollywood produces that involves werewolves, vampires or zombies will usually always get little attention from me. But, I saw it! I had to. It was a 3-D movie and starred Brad Pitt. So much for the good news. The bad news was that it was a 3-D movie and starred Brad Pitt. If you saw it, you know that an unknown virus, like liberalism, quickly spreads unchecked, around the world infecting people who turn into liberal zombies. They in turn infect other folks, like students, who then turn into Liberals zombies and suddenly like a wildfire the virus is threatening all of the progress of mankind, just like Liberalism. A real disaster in the making!

The way the story line was crafted, was clearly a metaphor for what is actually happening right here in the United States, but on a faster pace. We see swarming masses of Liberals, eating and infecting everything decent in their path. In the movie they rush upon and overwhelm uninfected people with the ferocity and determination of Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer jamming Obamacare down our throats.

In our world the zombies aren’t rushing but move with slow and deliberate speed, like government schools do, infecting all the little children turning them into liberal zombies to continue the infection. We have been plagued by these zombies for the past fifty years or so and have done nothing about it.

In the movie, we are informed by an Indian scientist that nature leaves little clues that if seen and understood will lead to a solution to any problem nature presents. It is Brad Pitt who finally realizes that some of the things he see’s are indeed those pesky little clues, like diseased people whom the zombies don’t touch. For us, John Boehner, without a strong backbone, fits that description.

I see the Republican Party as a non-functioning entity unable to resist the Liberal zombie virus, but only allowed to exist because it is infected with the deadly disease of elitism, having long since abandoned their conservative principles and now shedding its conservative base. In the movie it is revealed that the unaffected and uninfected are possessed of terminal diseases, something the zombies instinctively seem to know. In the movie, these people are already going to die, like the Republican Party apparently seems to want to do, and the zombies see no point in infecting them as they are already infected.

Also in the movie, we see high walls separating the unaffected folks, like the TEA Party, Libertarian’s and Constitutionalist’s, being scaled by the zombies like ants in their relentless determination to infect everybody. The high walls being scaled by the movie zombies, in their relentless determination to suck the life blood out of the US Taxpayer, surely stands as a metaphor for the border fence between the US and Mexico, what little there is of it.

If you just like scary movies, then WWZ will fill the bill. But why see the movie when you’re actually witnessing it in real life? Of course Brad Pitt figures it all out and saves the day. We don’t have a movie hero Brad Pitt but we do have a Ted Cruz. Brad Pitt does things that can only be done in a movie, like Liberals denying the facts. No sense in letting an improbable situation upset a fast paced story line. No sense in “letting a good crisis go to waste”. If you don’t have one (a crisis) then create one.

What could be more improbable than the media ignoring the big stories to dwell constantly on everything except Obama’s crimes? We forget Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups; tapping phone lines of conservative news groups and reporters; the Benghazi murders; NSA’s spying on American’s; EPA taking charge of how we live our lives by their stupid rules and regulations. America has become, right under our noses, a totalitarian state with the tax police soon to control our every movement, cyber spy agencies listening to our every word and police shooting us down in the streets for mere infractions. These are already happening and these are the little clues the Indian scientist in the movie was talking about. We had better see them ourselves and realize our danger. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (01 Mar 2014)


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