What in the World Has Happened to America?


Opinion by George McClellan:To everyone I speak with America seems to be adrift. We are anchor-less floating on a sea of indecision. We know why, we can see it but we don’t know what to do about it. We instinctively know that the freedoms we once took for granted as gospel truths are now topsy-turvy in their interpretations. What was right is now wrong, What was once sinful we are made to accept as normal. Americans are divided, intentionally, by race and class into haves and have nots. We are confused. America has no moral purpose in the world anymore, America has lost its vision.

Ronald Reagan had a vision for America. He made us feel that he cared for us personally and wanted us to succeed and for America to be a beacon of freedom and opportunity to the world.

Obama has a vision: the destruction of America through Hope and Change. Blow out the beacon and kill opportunity by introducing a socialist scheme to crash America economically, morally and militarily. He is succeeding, but for whom, a New World Order orchestrated by big international banks? Probably!

Obama brings to the craft of statesmanship, total ineptness, sincere incompetence and an indifferent attitude of “let the chip’s fall where they may“. This has resulted in unprecedented diplomatic failures such as the Fast and Furious gun running operation into Mexico, The Arab Spring that has driven Egypt into the arms of Russia once again; the social and civil destruction of Libya, the rekindling of sectarian violence in Iraq, his “red line” debacle in Syria, the murders of Americans in Benghazi, and now the Ukrainian problem with Russia, just to name a few. The mind just boggles at the damage he has done to America in the past five years.

Can anyone cite an instance when Ronald Reagan displayed arrogance in support of his vision; when he was ever so self-absorbed in his legacy that he lied to cover it up, as well as hide his own history? Can anyone cite an instance when Obama has not done so? Reagan’s legacy was totally Americanism pure and simple. Democrats cannot define Americanism because they don’t know what it is. But, neither they can’t defend their own philosophy by normal argument so they slander Reagan to make them feel better, a standard tool of the left when they lose the debate.

Obama’s obsession with social-justice is his government’s excuse to rob and plunder from the producers and spread his loot to the takers. A Robin Hood he is not! A thief he is. He is killing America’s economy, destroying the middle-class, enlarging government, empowering his bureaucrats to join in the plundering by enacting onerous rules and regulations against farmers, ranchers and businesses, all specifically designed to destroy America — his legacy.

Our national political leaders have become jokes. Most do nothing but enrich themselves at our expense, ergo, we see no changes. It’s past time to start the return to normalcy by nullification through non-participation. Juries need not convict accused land owners of EPA violations. Cease cooperation with government, let’s re-set our sights on local elections and keep incumbent terms short. Keep the turnover of politicians fresh and focused, in and out.

Obama’s legacy will be having destroyed the greatest civil Republic ever witnessed in the history of the world. The unhappy results will return civilization to another millennium of incessant tribal warfare, a modern copy of the dismal politics of the Dark Ages with modern weapons instead of cold steel. Reagan’s legacy will be praised by historian’s (except Democrats) and Obama’s legacy will be marked by a bequeathal of failure marked by destruction, painted with blood. Obama’s legacy will be toast. There is still hope, but little of it. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way! Now, go get ‘em! (16 March 2014)


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