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Opinion by George McClellan:A new group called the Senate Battleground Fund held its first fundraiser Sunday evening, and it was a big one. The event featured ex-GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus at the Buckhead home of Jeff Sprecher and Kelly Loeffler, the power couple behind the takeover of the New York Stock Exchange.

Organizers say the more than $1 million the fund raised, plus takings from other planned events, will be used to boost the eventual GOP nominee – whoever he or she may be.”…Jim Galloway, AJC ( 3/24/14).

Well, let’s see what we have here. The Senate Battleground Fund held it’s first fundraiser on March 23rd, right here in Atlanta, Ga. at a private residence. The special guests were Mitt Romney and Reince Priebus. On March 30th,the SBF will again host a fund raising event with Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss as the special guests. (Why Saxby?)

This is RiNO heaven. $10,000 per person for a one hour cocktail gathering with the ‘swells’ and $25,000 per person for cocktails and a private dinner. Wow! Somehow I don’t believe this event is for me. Maybe my friend Joe McCutchen could, but as money rules everything, nickel and dimer’s like me, existing on pitiful retirement wages, just can’t quite get there.

The article also reported that none of the GOP candidates for the Senate seat being vacated by Saxby Chambliss, were there either. That begs the question, does the national GOP have its own candidate in mind or does it intend to finance Michelle Nunn’s race at levels even greater then it has already been reported doing? Just asking!

American’s are rightly suspicious of big-government and are no longer shielded from viewing corruption by antics of the MSM, especially with all the other new and modern forms of social communication we now enjoy. Big Government, as we now know it, includes the “elite’s” of the GOP who couldn’t bear it if they were not in power, either as a group or individually. Hence we have such big money gatherings as the one Jim Galloway reported on in today’s AJC. Just for laughs, some blogger posted this note: “Reince Priebus … take out the vowels and you have RNC PR BS.” In every joke there is more than a grain of truth.

If it is the grass root voters intention to “throw all the bums out” then Georgia voters have been presented with a splendid opportunity to eliminate career politicians. Several of Georgia’s long serving US House Representatives, all itching to assume the title “Senator”, have by necessity, abandoned their current offices (or soon will) in vain attempts to claim Saxby’s seat. There will be only one winner. By all appearances, Jack Kingston is the GOP’s select choice but he’s a “careerist” having been up there nearly twenty years so he should gracefully retire. So should long serving career Representatives Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey.

Available to the GOP base are three candidates that have not held Federal positions who should be seriously considered: Karen Handel, who has a successful record as Fulton Co. Chairman, and Georgia Secretary of State, Derrick Greyson, whose conservative principles are wide open for all to see, and David Perdue. We do not have to accept choices made for us by the “Elite” GOP. The loss by Mitt Romney in 2012, is evidence enough of that but it saddled us with four more years of Progressivism and that we can abide no longer.

We have been given two signs that voters are fed up with the choices given them and that people are sick and tired and disgusted with the elite political class. The recent vote in Florida where the democrat sure choice, Sink, was handily defeated even with a Libertarian candidate in the run, and the recent “write-in” victory by Scott Wagner, a York County, Pa. businessman in Pennsylvania’s 28th Senate District. We can win and we can return to effective government. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (24 March 2014)


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