Good Bye David…


An opinion by George McClellan:This Short Take will be about as short and as predictable as David Perdue’s career as a Republican Senatorial candidate. Didn’t we see two GOP Senatorial contenders shoot themselves in the foot a couple of years ago during the last election cycle by uttering something stupid about women? Yes, we did! They were gone so fast I don’t even remember their names. It doesn’t matter. David, what’s his name, will probably soon join them.

That Mr. David Perdue would even think, let alone publicly state, that a primary candidate, specifically Karen Handel, was unqualified to run for political office due to a lack of a college degree was about as stupid a remark as I have heard since Pelosi said “we have to pass it to see what’s in it”. Government is filled with educated morons who believe theory above experience is the only true qualifier for governing.

The American people are coming to realize that political good intentions, like those foisted upon us by Progressives, mean nothing if they destroy what they were intended to help. Liberalism is nothing but a history of do-gooder failure and abject misery yet, there are those educated, benighted ones who, like Obama, believe they can bring Utopia to all mankind because they have a college degree. We know that is a lie. Any successful business person who can reduce spending, cut budgets and bring a dysfunctional organization (Fulton County) back into the black gets my vote every time over someone whose only qualification is a college degree.

Karen Handel’s successful record of political achievement, both as Chairman of Fulton County’s Board of Commissioner’s, bringing that once unfortunate entity from near bankruptcy back into solvency, and later bringing some level of efficiency to Georgia as Secretary of State, and without a college degree yet, is a person who must be contended with, not summarily dismissed as lacking in understanding. Karen Handel understands well enough. Abraham Lincoln as, a youth in Illinois, never achieved a college degree. Don’t even think he tried. Other of America’s great achievers would likewise certainly fail Perdue’s test; Benjamin Franklin comes to mind. General Andrew Jackson lacked a formal education as well.

American history is filled with people who understood how politics worked, who knew how to negotiate with other people, make deals, understand economics, meet payrolls and pay taxes and, they damn well didn’t need a college degree to do it. Of course, they can’t be stupid, but that degree is not really necessary to do the peoples work. ‘Stupid’ reveals itself very quickly as Mr. Perdue demonstrated.

I like what George Bush said at a Yale graduation exercise, as President, He said to the graduates, and I paraphrase: If you get ‘A’s and ‘B’, you can run business and industry but if you are a “C” student, you too can become President. His GPA was also higher than Kerry’s.

Of course, I shouldn’t want G.W. Bush, because he has a degree from Yale, to think he could cut me open to fix something any more than I would want John Kerry to do so, but this silly idea that only Ivy League graduates, because of their superior education, know what is best for us out here in ‘fly-over land’, can do better. Real education comes from the school of hard knocks, not from liberal theories of social relativism taught in sterile classroom’s by professors who teach because they cannot do. Karen Handel long ago passed the qualified for Senator test. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (3 Apr.14)

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