Letter to Editor: David Ralston Interview


An opinion by Bill Evelyn, Director State of Georgia Tea Party:Brian K. Pritchard, Editor Fetch Your News, Fannin County conducted a professional interview with 7th District Representative and Speaker of the Georgia House David Ralston. I felt several of Speaker Ralston’s answers needed clarification or at least a fact check. I found his responses to the balanced budget, special interest groups, and agenda for Fannin and Gilmer counties errant.

Speaker Ralston boasts that the House balanced the budget without a tax increase. The budget in Georgia is not balanced, it is subsidized with federal dollars. According to Ben Gray at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgia will take $12.1 billion in federal dollars in 2014, an increase of $300 million over last year. This $12.1 billion is a future tax on your children and grandchildren at the federal level.

Speaker Ralston insists special interests are coming into District 7 to oppose him. These special interests are regular Georgians that oppose David Ralston’s agenda of taxation and big government. The same people that are tired of Ralston twisting the arms of our state representatives to acquiesce to his agenda. It was Speaker Ralston who twisted arms to get TSPLOST passed. Speaker Ralston bullied the House to place a tax on sick people in Hospital beds. It is David Ralston also uses your tax money to build a parking deck in Cobb County.

David Ralston doesn’t have an agenda for Fannin and Gilmer counties. David Ralston’s agenda is Atlanta. The linked video is David Ralston telling you exactly how he feels about you. At the 4:00 minute mark he specifically states that Blue Ridge interests do not count. At the 6:00 minute mark he derides your local communities.

The reason David Ralston has never held a town hall or attended a GOP meeting is very understandable. As he stated in the linked video, you don’t count. You mean nothing to him except a vote. He has the time to meet with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but not you.

If you want to pay higher taxes, build parking decks in Cobb County, ride MARTA, then by all means vote for David Ralston.

Bill Evelyn, Director
State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC
(770) 744-0162


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