Ralston and Snider Finally Meet

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The Georgia State House Seventh District meet and greet kicked off with Sam Snider introducing himself to an attentive crowd. He talked about his faith and wrestling background to let the audience know who he was as a person. A question from a crowd member was regarding the introduction Sharia law into the Georgia legislature. Snider answered by saying U.S. law should triumph over any foreign law. When another person asked him about the definition of conservatism, he talked about

“less government and conservative values,”

such as hard work and helping others. After answering those two questions, he yielded the floor to his opponent, David Ralston.

Ralston started by highlighting the House passing a balanced budget in 39 days without raising taxes, passing some of the most comprehensive pro-Second Amendment gun legislation in the nation, and his vote to place on the November ballot a constitutional amendment that would place a permanent cap on the state income tax. And he mentioned a bill that would ban tax payer dollars from funding abortion for state employees in Georgia. When asked why the people would be served well by having him in office, he replied by saying that his established tenure as Speaker gives him sway over what bills are voted on, and who serves as committee chairs. Another question came up regarding college-carry (carrying guns on college campuses) and how it will be dealt with in future sessions. Ralston replied that the issue will be revisited next session, so folks will have to see what would come of the legislation next year.
The candidates did not directly address one another, but they took the short time they had to make a solid case for their candidacies. All that’s left is for the people of Gilmer County to decide who is most qualified. Watch the full meeting in the video below.


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