Opinion by George McClellan:The American Democrat Party is the party off deception, dependency and despair. The nonsense now emanating from all Liberal-Progressive sources, i.e.: White House and the leftist MSM, are desperate to protect the impostor Obama and his hoped for legacy from the brutal reality of the factual truths. Sticking with the Democrats is like trying a second marriage after divorce, an exercise in hope over experience.

The phony job numbers, the pathetic .1% quarterly GDP, the rapidly rising fuel prices, the collapsing employment numbers, the rising police state, are all signals that our country, like the empires of ancient Rome, the Ottomans, the Austro-Hungarians, and even Great Britain’s, is now entering that short period of economic chaos that presages the bitter end.

The only question to be asked is, is our coming collapse historically cyclical, following the recognizable patterns economists have been warning us about, or is it intentionally created by the mega-banks now controlling the levers of Americas financial institutions through its puppet, the woeful, weak and unaccomplished Barack Obama?

What is his meaningful message, one wonders? Apparently the message is: “Nothing to see here folks, move along!” Forget Benghazi, that’s old news now. Well, no it’s not! Watergate and Nixon are old news now. Benghazi happened yesterday as did Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the spying on news people who don’t tow the “commie” line and the spying on Americans generally. Don’t forget or ignore these issues.

What is most frightening of all is the realization that the personal representative of the President of the United States of America, the Ambassador to Libya, was murdered by Islamic terrorists and the crime is brushed off by this administration as an unfortunate incident to be dealt with by a swarm of lies and without course to the brutal, retaliatory punishment that we once dished out. Excuses after excuses support the foundation of this fraudulent government.

How can any country prosper when its currency is as phony as its politics. The expanding stock market, now making money for some, is simply another expanding bubble that will surely implode, based as it is upon the phony economic theory of Marx and Engels: take from the earners and redistribute to the moochers. Theft, fraud and corruption is rampant in this administration. New data is emerging about Harry Reid’s duplicity at the Bundy Ranch. Harry, apparently, has acquired many acres near Bundy’s ranch where a freeway interchange will be erected. Insider trading here? I do not forget the Republican career politicians either. They’re all splashing around in the same bath water of mega buck companies buying votes.

The Unaffordable, No Care Act, aka: Obamacare, has absolutely nothing to do with providing health care to Americans. It is simply the greatest vehicle of wealth transfer (theft actually), that the democrats could have thought up. Naturally, it will doom many citizens to an earlier death then they would have normally expected just to save money. Obama touts expanding enrollment numbers but can’t (won’t) provide the figures. More fraud and deceit.

Of course, we’re all familiar with taxes generally. Onerous taxes are a crime against the citizens and the best vehicle for total economic destruction. Government spending for silly programs, like interchanges on Harry Reid’s land fits the category of corruption. More fraud and deceit. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (5 May 14)

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