What is With All the Wars?


Opinion By George McClellan:What we see happening in the Ukraine and Obama’s tepid reaction to the assemblage of Putin’s military forces on the eastern Ukraine border is an example of the small multiple conflicts, the war cycles, that announce major changes in world politics. Follow the money!

Last year, many historical economists predicted that the historic cycles of wars were set to explode around the world on the collapse of Western economies. It can be anticipated. It is no secret that war and bankrupt economies are hand maidens. History shows it. Consider our own current economic status, once we sweep aside the BS that is Obama’s economic talking points, and realize our government’s financial problems are only temporarily solved by the printing press. Our debt continues to grow exponentially as we gleefully rush head long to massive inflation and total collapse. Even in Europe the signs are revealing themselves.

The historical record does not lie! Rome’s collapse was presaged by multiple civil rebellions accompanied by wars with neighbors and attacks by barbarians.The Ottoman Empire couldn’t survive its alliance with Germany in WWI and both empires inevitably collapsed. The end of Britain’s Empire was finally realized when the Japanese sank two of their capital war ships in the South-China Sea at the commencement of WWII. That Great Britain didn’t turn bottom up was because of America’s assistance and it’s colonies involvement. Economic warfare alway’s precedes armed conflict. After that, the dollar became the world’s currency. Follow the money!

As we see in the Ukraine, war dominates the news because when governments, like Russia’s, are near bankruptcy and are desperate for cash they lash out, create distractions, introduce phony crisis‘ keep their population in fearful turmoil. Russia is doing it now. How much did they lose on the distraction that was the Winter Olympics? Putin is rallying the Russian people to nationalism. Despots do that but Putin’s economy has been weakened by internal corruption, high rates of alcoholism, decreased productivity and increased military spending. Low birth rates and declining revenues from its energy commodities. Viewed economically, Russia is in trouble.

This is where we now. While still fooling ourselves that we can afford it, we respond to Putin’s saber rattling with sanctions while saddling our own economy with phony taxes, like Obamacare is about to impose, the phony climate change nonsense, and private property seizures. What does Putin care about sanctions? Europe is totally dependent on Russian natural gas. They’re in a “Catch-22.” While he’s dependent on their money, China lurks in the east ready to fill Putin’s coffers by bidding up his energy prices. China wants its energy sources protected, not to be interfered with on the high seas when push comes to shove. Russia lost $60 Billion in the first quarter of this year alone. Russia will have to sell to China just to keep the cash flowing. Another small war will happen there too because China needs to expand west and Russia isn’t strong enough to prevent it. A Crimea in reverse so to speak.

Don’t forget that Obama unilaterally attacked Libya mostly using surrogates from NATO as the strike force but NATO wouldn’t follow him into a Syrian complication. Obama, apparently trying to sell Libyan weapons to Syrian Jihadist’s, ended up with a dead Ambassador and three contractors. Putin to the rescue made Obama look weak and foolish and deprived him of his chance to look Presidential. Where does the money come from for all these exercises in adventurism? Capital flow from one country to another due to collapsing markets mostly caused by corruption, fraud, theft, managerial and economic incompetence and the exchange of paper money for metals. More later. Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12 May 2014)


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