Boyd Challenges Ralston in Open Letter


Open letter to David Ralston:Mr. Ralston your full page ad in the Times Courier caught my eye. You asked, “Who is Ray Boyd?” Your answer to your own question, “A rich Atlanta real estate developer” is totally wrong. I have lived in Morgan County for over 25 years, and I have never developed a piece of property in my life. I used to be financially “rich” before Obama came along. I am still rich in God’s blessings which I am thankful for every day.

Your next question was: “Why is he spending thousands of dollars on false, personal attacks on David Ralston?” My short answer is, “I am not attacking you personally. I am simply pointing out your record. Trying to shoot the messenger does not change the validity of the message. Please address your history which forms your record. Point out any item therein that is false.

Your next question: “What is his hidden agenda?” I do not have a hidden agenda. My agenda is very clear and precise: in order to Save Georgia, I want the voters of the 7th District to vote you out of office, and elect Sam Snider. I cannot vote for Sam Snider, nor can the rest of Georgia. We can only pray that the 7th District voters hears the honesty of our plea for help.

Your next question: “What is in this for him?” This question reflects your agenda. You want to know what you can gain personally, not the public good, but what’s in this for David Ralston. You can’t wrap your brain around the concept that I, Ray Boyd, wants nothing for me personally. I spend my own money for a noble cause. You spend other people’s money to line your pockets and your cronies’ pockets using the power of “our” office as Speaker of the House.

I will debate you face to face at any place or time of your choosing before next Tuesday. You can pick the moderator. I will answer any further questions you may have, and let you have follow-up questions to my answers above. I will expect the same privilege. As an added incentive for you to debate me, I will give you $500.00 cash to show up.

Ray Boyd
A concerned citizen

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