The level of corruption in politics in Georgia and America has grown to such proportions that we the people can no longer function safely on a daily basis as citizens of a supposedly free society. We as a state and nation have arrived at a time and place in our history where individuals are now afraid to speak their minds because they are afraid of the repercussions such words may generate for them from political figures who they elected to office. Think about that fact. We the people are afraid of our own government.

We the people, who deserve all the credit for building the greatest nation the world has ever seen, must also take all the blame for the predicament we now find ourselves. Ask yourself, who is at fault here? The politicians in office, or the people who put them there — AND LEFT THEM THERE? We have found the enemy, and it is us. The sad reality we must recognize is that we got ourselves here, and we the people are the only ones who can fix the problem.

Our youngest, strongest, and bravest military men and women lie in grave sites across this country and in foreign lands when we were unable to bring them home. Let that soak in a few minutes for you, as tears stream down my face. Many never got to come home. Home has always been my refuge from the storms of life, and my safe haven. It is heartbreaking to think of the sacrifices they made and loss to their family and friends. What honor do we show them when we, the benefactors of their valor, are willing give up their precious gift of freedom without us even breaking a hang nail to preserve it for ourselves and our progeny?

I took a personal oath as an officer in the military to protect and defend my country with my precious life against any enemy, foreign or domestic. The oath one takes in the military does not go away when you leave the service– it is a lifetime oath. At seventy one years of age, I never in my wildest nightmare thought I would feel duty bound to defend my country against a domestic threat, but that is exactly where I find myself today.

Some may love this country as much, but no one loves this country more than I do. I have always been prepared to die for my country, if necessary. Several people have advised me that I am making some powerful people very uncomfortable. I thanked them for their concern for my well being, but I have already “tasted a small sample” of what happens to people who openly speak their mind and heart. For the record, I am not suicidal. I never have been nor never will be. I love life with a passion. I will also fight for my precious life. I will not be forced to commit suicide to protect my children, and my children have already been advised. I wish I could put a protective shield over them, but I can’t. Anyone who would claim this is hyperbole on my part has not been paying attention. Familiarize yourselves with the latest case of Senator Nancy Schafer and her husband of 52 years.

Power, money, and corruption have collided with too many of our elected officials. Too many “enterprises” and individuals who are more than willing to pay to play have found abundant opportunities with elected and appointed power brokers. Unethical and corrupt political power brokers have also corrupted our court system where we once could go expecting to receive an impartial forum for our grievances from government over reach. Our governors appoint cronies instead of the best qualified to the bench. Our general assembly use their funding authority to get quid pro quo from the bench. Judges returning favors for their appointments teamed with unethical and connected attorneys dramatically distort expected fairness of the legal process. Research the appointments of former governor Sonny Perdue and current governor Nathan Deal.

There is no sign post on the road this state and country is on which declares we have passed “The Point of No Return”. Many astute people feel we have already passed that point. If I thought we had passed that point, I would be spending my precious time preparing for alternate plans. Instead, I am on a crusade to start a brush fire of interest among my fellow Georgians to Save Georgia Save America ( If we cannot Save Georgia, we cannot Save America.

We have a grand opportunity to take a giant step forward to Save Georgia with the upcoming May 20 election (notwithstanding the dangers associated with the use of our current voting equipment– more news on this is available at my web site and other Google sources). We have the opportunity to remove two corrupt power brokers by replacing Governor Nathan Deal, and Speaker of the House David Ralston. David Pennington, a true conservative Republican who has CHI– Character, Honor, and Integrity– is stepping forward to put Georgia back on track to be the great state it was destined to be before the past two governors almost wrecked it beyond repair. If you do not already know about David Pennington, please go to hear him speak or check out his web site at The description of a person with CHI is one who does the right thing when no one is watching and may never know what they did.

Coach Sam Snider, a high school wrestling coach who has more state championships than I have fingers, is running to unseat the seventh district representative David Ralston. Coach Snider has CHI squared. Both of these gentlemen have stepped out of their comfort zone to help Save Georgia. For the sake of our state and country, please put these two in office. We have everything to gain, and nothing to lose by giving them the opportunity to serve this great state. David Pennington must run and win statewide. Only voters of the seventh district can vote for Sam Snider ( The entire state suffers under David Ralston, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, so we can only hope that the seventh district will not thumb its collective nose at us “outsiders” who have visited their beautiful and colorful district to expose the David Ralston the rest of the state has to live under but can’t vote out of office.

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