The Phony President


An opinion by George McClellan:Retired US Army General (4 stars) Eric Shinseki, now tottering on the precipice of disgrace over his stewardship of the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs as an Obama appointee, at least has a resume that included a proud military career, combat experience and leadership skills. That those skills did not matriculate into managing a civilian government organization such as the VA, is understandable because civilian government bureaucracies, unlike military ones, have been corrupted to the point that any systematic change to management, by a mere retired general, will be met with violent opposition. It’s rather like sticking one’s hand into a rattlesnake den.

That General Shinseki has at least a record of accomplishment, while his boss, the phony president was a “pot head” and probably still is, clearly focuses our attention on why government is really not too big to let fail. It’s failing anyway, so let’s cut it loose starting with the VA. The VA’s mission can be better accomplished by private medicine. Let’s consider vouchers. But, beware, Obamacare, aka: the Unaffordable No Care Act, is simply the VA in disguise.

Obama is the phony president and the VA scandal now unfolding before our eyes, reveals that. In our technologically advanced society we get more immediate information from foreign newspapers on line, internet sites and talk radio, that his lies can no longer be hidden, spun or dissemble. He knew about the VA when he was a Senator because he said so. He was warned about the VA’s problems when he transitioned into the White House. He has had multiple IG reports on the malfeasance in the VA and yet he tells us he only heard about it on the news.

Obama only knew about Fast and Furious when he saw it reported on TV. Really? He only heard about the tragedy of Benghazi from reports trickling in from Libya. He didn’t hear about the “not a smidgen of corruption” IRS targeting conservative groups until he saw it in the newspapers and boy, was he mad about that. He’s a phony! Our brave president, when Ben Laden was taken down, however, was present but was shoved into a corner of the room to watch the TV broadcast live from Pakistan. One wonders does he have a TV available to him on the golf courses he attends or does he ignore such distractions as beneath his lordly status? After all, that’s why he has Cabinet Secretaries, doesn’t he, to attend to matters like those.

What we have here is a non engaged president. He’s not engaged because he’s a phony. He brought with him no management skills, no foreign policy knowledge, a mistaken belief in his own supreme intelligence to be able to get things accomplished by his sheer will alone. (didn’t we hear that once before about eighty years ago?). His worst trait, the one that will classify him as a phony forever, is the fact that while he has a Cabinet, he never meets with it. He rules by Executive Orders and allows his appointees to perform however and whatever they want. A true leader leads. This guy doesn’t lead, direct, instill, urge or even beg his appointees to do what America needs done. His mission is and has always been to destroy America and the easiest way to do it is to ignore the opposition, impose unneeded, unwanted and destructive tax mandates, oppress the serf’s with government health care programs and then go play golf.

This man is not personally involved in anything except fund raising, golf and vacations and he’s damn good at those, but listening to him yesterday hem and haw at the microphone (obviously no teleprompter) was pitiful. Worse, was listening to Jay Carney last night repeat the same gibberish to the MSM. Pitiful is quickly changing into loathing, of both of these people; of his entire government and his dreams of his father. He’s got to go. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22 May 2014).

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