House Adopts Collins Immigration Enforcement Amendment

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Dear friends,

Immigration continues to be a matter of great concern, both in Northeast Georgia and nationally. While debate continues concerning America’s long-term immigration policy, there should be no debate that current laws need to be enforced.Last week, the House adopted an amendment I authored concerning immigration enforcement. This important language prevents federal taxpayer dollars from going to any jurisdiction whose laws or policies obstruct federal immigration enforcement efforts. You might be interested in visiting FAIR’s Real Immigration blog – click here to read their post about my amendment:

My amendment addresses a serious issue that undermines federal immigration enforcement efforts. If so-called “sanctuary cities” know that federal funds will be withheld if they continue standing in the way of federal enforcement, there’s a good chance they will alter their course.

Commonsense policies like these help ensure the wise use of taxpayer dollars as well as proper enforcement of our immigration laws.

I appreciate all you’ve done and continue doing to support my consistent record of conservative leadership in Washington!

In your service,


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