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First day of school for Gilmer students is Wednesday August 6th. Below is a list of back to school supplies for Gilmer County schools: Creek Middle School Supply List:
Standard Required Supplies
Notebook paper (college or standard rule)
Number 2 pencils
Ink pens… Blue or Black
Tabbed folders that allow papers to be added or taken out
1 Green — Math
1 Blue — English/Lang Arts
1 Yellow —Science
1 Red — Social Studies
1 large spiral notebook for Journal writings
Note: Some teachers may request a specific item for his/her classroom but will not require this for the first few days of school.

Optional items
Binder/Trapper Keepers
Box of Kleenex
Hand Sanitizer
Locker shelves
Small Basic Calculator (X + – / )

All supplies must be able to fit in lockers. We will require that book bags be stored in locker during the day and not be carried from class to class.

Things you do not need
Sharpie type pens/markers, Rolling Book bags, any sticker/adhesive product for locker, White out/correction tape, Glue or Scissors.

Gilmer Middle School 5th grade supply list:

Heavy Duty Binder
5-7 Folders OR Dividers
Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
3 Spiral bound notebooks (70 pages)
Pencils & Extra Erasers
Dry Erase Markers
Other Items you may wish to have
Colored Pencils
Glue Stick
Pencil Pouch
Teacher’s Wish List
White Copy paper
Hand Sanitizer
Paper Towels
Disinfectant Wipes

6th Grade Gilmer Middle School Supply List by Team (Wait to see if your child is Team A or B before purchasing.) 2014-2015
Team A
Mrs. Richardson – Math
* Composition Notebook
* College rule paper,* Graphing paper
* Colored pencils
* Expo markers (of their own), any colors
* Pencils, Erasers
* Glue sticks (optional)
Mrs. Wheeler – Language Arts
* Loose-leaf notebook paper
* Three-ringed binder to leave in the classroom (one inch)
* Pens and pencils
Mr. McDaniel – Social Studies
* (MOST IMPORTANT) Larger Spiral Notebook (11″ x 9″) with at least 100 pages
* Crayons/Colored Pencils (if they prefer to have their own)
*Glue (if they prefer to have their own)
Mrs. Kouns – Reading
* (MOST IMPORTANT) Larger Spiral Notebook (11″ x 9″) with at least 100 pages
* Pencils, paper, scissors, glue
* Crayons/colored pencils
Mrs. Brooks – Science
* Paper, pencils and erasers.
* A section in a 3-ring binder for science OR keep paper in a folder with brads and pockets. I want them to use whichever is better for them.
* Donations of kleenex, paper towels, hand sanitizer…Thank You!!
Mrs. Moles – Math (Both teams – check schedule)
* Math Composition book or journal
* Math folder or binder
* Graph paper
* Index cards
Beth Smith – (Both teams – check schedule)
* Spiral notebook with three sections
Team B
Mrs. Crook – Math
6th Grade Gilmer Middle School Supply List by Team (Wait to see if your child is Team A or B before purchasing.) 2014-2015
* Composition Notebook
* Pocket folder
* Pencils
* Scotch tape
Mrs. Alverson – Language Arts
* 1″ Binder
* Dividers (8 sections)
* Whiteout/Correction Fluid
* Pens (Blue or Black)
* Flashdrive
* Coloring Pencils
* White School Glue
* Pencils
Donations Needed: Kleenex, Paper Towels, Disinfecting Wipes, Cough Drops, Pencil Cap Erasers – THANK YOU!!
Mrs. Langley – Social Studies
* Social Studies binder OR section in binder for Social Studies work
* Flash drive
Extra wish list: poster board, Kleenex-THANKS!
Mrs. Hayden – Reading
* One inch three-ringed binder, hard back NB
* One package of five dividers with tabs
Mrs. McDaniel– Science
* (MOST IMPORTANT) Larger Spiral Notebook (11″ x 9″) with at least 100 pages
* Crayons or Colored Pencils
* Bottled White Glue
* Pencils
* Ruler (Optional)
General Supply List – Thank You!!
Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer,Antibacterial Wipes
Magic Erasers
Mrs. Jenkins – Reading/ Language Arts/ Science (Both teams – check schedule)
* Spiral notebook with at least three sections- one NB for each class you have Mrs. Jenkins

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