Cronyism on Clear View… Shameful!


An opinion by George McClellan:The political ʻrightʼ, i.e.: conservative Libertarians, grass root tea party conservative voters, conservative PACʼs, and card carrying conservative Republicans, many of whom are on the edge of abandoning the GOP as a viable political party, are in a state of near fury over what is happening within the existing ranks of the National Republican Party leadership. The party argues, correctly, the importance of keeping GOP held offices in Republican hands, but do so, regardless of the drift from Republican principles that got incumbents their jobs in the first place. Actually, the National GOP has become part of the problem and certainly does not function in the best interests or the hopes and desires of the vast grass roots Americanʼs named above. Perfidy is deceitfulness which leads, inevitably, to untrustworthiness. They hate us!

Thus, we had the tawdry business recently in Mississippi where the national GOP interfered with the conservative voters desire to have Mitch McDaniel as their new senator over the old and senile Thad Cochran. Where did the funding come from to support such perfidy?” It came from the GOP, through back channels, allegedly in cash transfers, as investigators are now revealing, as payments to black democrats and ads directed to black democrats to demonized McDaniel as something worse than a KKKʼer.

The tea party case against the NRC machinations can be viewed here: Here in Georgia, rumors are rising they will secretly fund Michelle Nunn (D) over David Perdue (R) since their choice, Jack Kingston, was unacceptable to the voters. How can this be?

How do we address these sneaky, underhanded, yet seemingly ignorable crimes perpetrated by our own leadership? First, starve them of money. Never, never, ever donate any funds to Republican PACʼs like the National Republican Senatorial Committee or any of Karl Roveʼs Crossroads PACʼs and stop funding the National Chamber of Commerce. Contributions to any of these organizations only serve to support rabid cronyism. Donate instead, directly to the candidate(s) of your choice, or to your local and state GOP organizations, at least until they go rogue.

At the moment, the Republican Senatorial Committee is groveling for money under the heading: ”Defeat Harry Reid.” “Oh my, yes, we got to defeat that Harry Reid!” But your funds donʼt go to defeat Harry Reid; thatʼs something Nevada voters should do. The funds instead will be used to defeat conservatives and keep the elitists in office to continue the big government programs to which they have all become indebted. Didnʼt the voters in VA-7 throw out their own Representative, Eric Cantor recently, for his big government leanings? Well, It seems nothing will change in that big house on the hill. As it happens the new majority whip, Steve Scalise (R-La), appointed under Cantorʼs replacement, McCarthy, has turned to John Feehery, a GOP crony capitalist and federal lobbyist, to vet candidates for Scaliseʼs own press office. This can only be seen as either a shameless display of arrogant cronyism or, the GOP House elitists are attempting to hold its majority whipʼs feet to the fire of party compliance. Scalise apparently has learned nothing from Cantorʼs defeat at the polls. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ʻem! (7 August 2014).

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