Letter to the Editor by Conrad Quagliaroli


Dear Editor:

On Facebook, I recently read; “Who in their right mind would even support the tea party?” The answer is, EVERYONE in their RIGHT mind.
Because you can tell a lot about a person or organization by its enemies, a better question would be; who does NOT support the tea party movement? Let’s look at a partial list. First, the Democrats and the Democrat Party, followed by the left leaning Mainstream Media, the Communist Party USA, plus George Soros and every left wing organization he supports from Media Matters to Moveon.org. .

Tea party people are for less regulation on our businesses, so they can create jobs for our neighbors, less government intrusion in our daily lives and a transparent government, which treats each citizen equally and does not fund companies like Solindra. They are for the property rights of our citizens, so the government can’t take their home away from them and give it to a developer. They’re also on the side of the property owner who has had the use of their property taken away from them, because the EPA found a puddle and declared it a wetland, suitable only for ducks.

Tea party people tend to be older people who went to school when our history books taught civics and patriotism, not what a hateful country America is. They therefore have a love of their country, its’ founders and its’ traditions. They support and respect our military, police, teachers, our flag and the law. They are so law-abiding, it’s hard to get them to put a sign in their yard advertising the tea party, because it’s against the home owners association rules.

Different tea party chapters have different interests. The Tea Party Patriots, which my Woodstock chapter belongs to, concerns itself with national issues like Obamacare, illegal immigration and less government regulation. Other chapters focus on local issues.

Obama and his minions in the IRS an EPA have good reason to hate the tea party. In the historic 2010 election, of the 80 new members of Congress, 60 of them were tea party candidates who’ve been fighting Obama’s socialist agenda ever since.

It was the tea party that put the REPUBLICANS BACK IN CONTROL of the House of Representatives. Remember the first two years of the Obama Administration? The Stimulus program, Obamacare was rammed down your throat, charges of the Black Panthers who intimidated voters, were dropped and the carbon tax that would’ve doubled your electric bill almost passed . If it were not for the tea party movement, we would have had 6 years of this, not 2 years. I think that alone, is reason enough to support the tea party.

God Bless America, Conrad Quagliaroli, Cherokee Tea Party Patriots


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