• Sandi Simpson Discusses the Importance of Event Insurance

    Do you need event insurance? or any type coverage? Sandi Simpson of Norton Insurance discusses the importance of having event insurance and when it is important to have it for yourself, your business, or even a non-profit organization. If you have any further questions about insurance or events that may need event insurance please contact […]

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  • Karla’s Korner – March 21st

    Today Karla tells us about the following upcoming events in Gilmer County: 1) Business Connections at Chateau Meichtry 2) Spring Wine Highway Week 3) Ribbon Cutting for the new Gilmer Agricultural Center at Clear Creek Middle School  

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  • #GMFTO – “Ask The Doc” with Dr. Raymond Tidman

    Dr. Tidman addresses our two questions of the day and men’s health: 1) If I was allergic to penicillin when I was a child (they thought I had a mild reaction). Is there a way to test if I am still allergic to it? 2) Does apple cider work for losing weight and are they […]

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