Gilmer American Legion Holds Event for Korean Veterans

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The Gilmer County chapter of the American Legion held an event last Saturday featuring poetry readings about the war and a live band. More than 75 people were in attendance.
The event celebrated American soldiers who fought in the war. It ended

The Korean War started in June of 1950. It ended in July of 1953,

The United States led the United Nations forces after Korea was split as a result of WWII.

North Korea became (and still is) a communist state. South Korea remained free.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, more than 34,000 battle deaths (and 2,830 non-battle deaths occurred during the conflict.

Over 8 thousand soldiers were reported ‘missing in action’.

Below is a poem read at an open mike reading during the event:

Korean War Poem

Written by LCDR Roberto J. Prinselaar, USCG (Ret)

We didn’t do much talking,

We didn’t raise a fuss.

But Korea really happened

So please – remember us.

We all just did our duty

But we didn’t win or lose.

A victory was denied us

But we didn’t get to choose.

We all roasted in the summer

In winter, we damn near froze.

Walking back from near the Yalu

With our blackened frozen toes.

Like the surf the Chinese kept coming

With their bugles in the night.

We fired into their masses

Praying for the morning light.

All of us just had to be there

And so many of us died.

But now we’re all but half forgotten

No one remembers how we tried.

We grow fewer with the years now

And we still don’t raise a fuss.

But Korea really happened

So please – remember us.


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