FYN Visits the Shoals at Clear Creek


On Saturday, June 9th, FYN had the opportunity to visit the Shoals at Clear Creek with its very own trail and nature guide, Russell Reece. Reece, a native of Gilmer County and local hunter and fisherman, invited FYN to go with him on his fishing trip last Saturday, and also showed FYN a few things along the way.

For those of you who don’t know, the Shoals at Clear Creek is a public place located on Blackberry Mountain Road where both locals and visitors can tube, fish, sunbathe or swim.

The spot is called the Shoals because it consists of three Shoals, a rocky or shallow place in a body of water where the water meets the rocks, and the area of Gilmer County where Clear Creek runs into the Cartecay River.

To get to the Shoals you can drive out Yukon Road, take a left at Clear Creek Road and then take a left on Blackberry Mountain Road.

Once on Blackberry Mountain Road, you must follow the road until you pass a bridge where not far up the road there will be a Blackberry Mountain Parking Area on your left. The Blackberry Mountain Parking Area is part of the Rich Mountain Wildlife Area that surrounds the Shoals and you must park in the parking area when visiting the Shoals or else violators will be towed. Also, as advised by our trail and nature guide Reece, anytime you are on any Wildlife Management Area, whether you are walking or riding a bicycle, you have to have a Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass or a valid hunting or fishing license.

After parking in the parking area, the best way you can enter the Shoals, is by walking through the woods downstream behind the parking lot until you get to the area popularly known as the Shoals by the locals of Gilmer County. There are also two more shoals that you can see after the first Shoals if you choose to walk further towards the river behind the rocks. Once here, the area to your left is considered the second shoals, and the area to your right is considered the third shoals. Also, on past the third shoals is where Clear Creek runs into the Cartecay River.

The place is a great place to go if you just want to spend a few short hours outside, and is also a nice place to catch some brim, trout, or bass, the three types of fish that are known to be in the area. FYN had a great time along the way and would like to thank its trail and nature guide, Russell Reece for allowing us to join in on the fun. For pictures of the trip please view the slide slow below.

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