North Georgia Diamond Announces Valentine’s Day Contest Winner!


Heather & Brad Simmons have been chosen as the winner of the “Best Proposal” story. They won a $50 North Georgia Diamond gift certificate. All of the entries that we recieved were outstanding. North Geogia Diamond has decided to give $25 gift certificates to all the runners up. Thank You for your submissions! Thanks to Cortney Ralston, Lexie Steward, Jessica Mazursky, and Candace Hill.Below are samples of romantic proposals submitted by our viewers.

Brad and Heather Simmons

My now husband did the most romantic wedding proposal in October 2012. It took quite a bit of organizing to get it all together. But our friends, Blue & Brenda Patterson, had been wanting to get some photos made of them with their Harley so we set up to take the photos one Friday afternoon and then Brad, my man, starting building his plan off of this. Brenda called me and the plan of taking the photos had got added onto, not only were we going to take some photos around an old abandoned building in down town Ellijay but also included taking a trip up to Fort Mountain to the overlook, a special location where they use to meet when they were dating, before they were married. This sounded like an excellent idea so I asked Brad to meet us up there with our Harley and I was going to get Brenda to take a few photos of us as well. I was so excited. So I spent the entire afternoon with Brenda and Blue where they were constantly checking their phones and told me they wanted to take me and buy me a drink until we went up to Fort Mountain, which had to be at sunset of course. So we had a good hour to kill. As sunset time fastly approached I started getting nervous telling Blue that we had to hurry up that it would be sunset soon and I wouldn’t be able to fit all the photos in before it set and I didn’t want them to be disappointed, but Blue and Brenda both kept stalling. All I could think is why are you people stalling me! We aren’t going to get the photos! I had tried to call and text Brad to let him know we were about to head up the mountain so he could meet us up there but he wasn’t answering me, I was getting disappointed that we wouldn’t have our pictures made. But Brenda and I followed Blue up on his Harley in my car. Blue took off and left us and when I got to the overlook he wasn’t there, Brenda tells me, no Heather were talking about the second overlook just over the mountain on the left. Well I really start to freak at this point because that wasn’t what I told Brad and now if he was on his way up he wouldn’t know where to meet us because I had no phone service and who the heck calls that the overlook, everyone knows the overlook is the big one up there on the right, right? But I continued on down the road so I could at least get the photos of Brenda and Blue. And as I rounded the curve to where the second overlook was I slammed on the breaks and stopped in the middle of the road because I was in pure shock, there stood Brad with about 20 of our family and friends holding this massive metal sign that reads will you marry me? Awwwwww, so now realizing I’m stopped in a curve I decide I better get out of the way before I get ran over and pulled on the side of the road and met my man where he gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife. I said yes of course and we were married on 12/12/12 in Las Vegas by Elvis. I was amazed by the organization he had done (with our friend Vic) to get all of our friends together up on Fort Mountain to be a part of our special day without leaking a word to me. I’ll never forget it.

Jessica A. Mazursky

My husband and I were dating for 2 years, and suddenly he began asking me to go to different diamond stores in South Florida where we lived, to look at what diamond cut I liked the best and again to size my fingers, I was telling everyone I worked with that it was going to happen, but of course he started being less than nice. Telling me that he was just asking and there was no way we were getting engaged anytime soon… I thought fine, I wouldn’t marry you right now any way.

About 2 months after this, we were planning a weekend trip to my parents house about 2 hours away, but the week of he said he wanted to go out to a nice dinner just because on that Friday before heading out of town. This was in October which was the month we had started dating, and since we could not recall the exact date of our “first date” we always just said October was our anniversary. He told me to go shopping to buy a nice dress, then the day before had me go get my hair and nails done. I thought it was a little strange, but also assumed he was just being nice, because this is the kind of thing that Doug would do.

So we ended up at a place called “The Caves” in Ft. Lauderdale, it was a super cute themed upper scale stake place, we had a very nice dinner, and I noticed throughout dinner that Doug seemed a little nervous, he was jittery, and making small jokes, kept looking at me all starry eyed (not normal Doug behavior). After our meal he got up to use the restroom, when he sat back at the table he was followed by our waitress who sat 2 champagne glass on the table. THIS WAS IT! My eyes lit up and his went glassy (tears) he asked me to pick up my glass and share a toast with him “To many years, of health, happiness, and honesty. Be my wife, I love you!” I am now in tears, waiting for him to pull the ring out and place in on my finger, he keeps telling me to drink my champagne… I being smarty pants chugged it, the ring hit my teeth… J He placed in on my finger and he we are 11 years later about to celebrate another year of wedded bliss.

Candace T. Hill

Hello! Here’s a little bit about my story and how it all played out. At the age of 29, I was pretty much thinking I was never going to meet my “mister right”. I always wanted to find my one true love to spend the rest of my life with and to start a family, but it never happened. Well on September 1, 2009 I started my new job at the Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce. I was super excited considering it was the first job offer I had be given in some time. After a few days at my new job, I checked my face book messages one day and I had a new inbox from a gentlemen I didn’t know. The message was from a man named Gerald Hill and he assured me that he wasn’t a crazy psycho path lol. He was from Blue Ridge, Ga and we had two mutual friends on facebook. After several phone chats, I agreed to meet him for coffee at Starbucks. I remember on that day while at work at the Chamber, being so scared to death. The minute I got off work and got into his vehicle, I was in awe. He was so dark and handsome and I already knew I liked him. The more we talked the more we both saw how compatible we were. We both were very close to our families and that was important to us. After several months of dating, I knew he was the one! On December 11, 2009, we had planned on going to Lake Lanier Island’s Christmas light show. As we left my house he asked me if I wanted to go to the park to walk before heading to see the lights. We always went to the park to walk in the afternoons and weekends. It was freezing cold outside, but we walked anyways. As we were walking, I found myself rambling on about different things and he was super quiet. Once we got to the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge he pulled me close to him and kissed me. Immediately following, he pulled away and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in total shock! With teared filled eyes ,I said yes!! What made this even more special, was to find out that he went and talked to my dad the week before. That meant so much to me, considering I like the old fashioned way of things. We got married on April 24, 2010 and I have never been so happy and blessed in my entire life. We have came a long way in almost 3 years with two precious girls. Olivia Grace, age 2 and Madeline Joy, 9 months. This is my story!!!!

Cortney Ralston

Cortney Ralston was working at a local bank while attending nursing school when Cody Kephart came through the drive-thru one day to cash a check. Even though they caught the other’s eye, they were both too shy to act on it. A few months later, Cody finally got the courage to talk to Cortney and asked her to dinner. Immediately, they knew how special their relationship was. The next eight months were hectic with both of them in college but they still managed to see each other almost every day. On December 22, 2012, Cortney and Cody decided to go out to dinner and then back to his house to watch a movie. Little did she know, Cody planned on proposing that night. When they got back to his house, Cody asked Cortney to take a look at a chest x-ray he recently had taken. She told him that even though she was in nursing school she didn’t know how to analyze an x-ray, but he asked her to take a look anyway. When she put the x-ray up to the light, Cortney saw the outline of an engagement ring where Cody’s heart was located. She instantly turned around and he already had the ring box open and asked her if she would marry him. Surprised and elated, she said yes. Cody and Cortney plan to wed in spring 2014 after obtaining their bachelor’s degrees.

Lexie Steward

High school sweethearts, Randy Steward and I, got married on November 4th, 2012. It was a Family Sunday right after church and we were having a family cookout at our house. No one could decide what movie we were gonna watch so Randy chose one. He slid in the DVD and it was a slideshow of me and Randy and our 6 years together through middle school and high school. Towards the end a video popped up and it was Randy and my pawpaw sitting together on the front porch rocking in the rocking chairs and my sweet man was asking my pawpaw for his grand daughters hand in marriage and my grandpa allowed it! Randy then got down on one knee and asked me to be his girl forever! I love him, and this was the sweetest thing ever! Of course, I SAID YES!!! He is my best friend! He is very romantic! We love NORTH GEORGIA DIAMOND. It’s where i got his wedding band and he got My promise ring(in 10th grade), my engagement ring, my wedding band, and my reflection bracelet and charms! We love y’all! Hope you love my proposal, it was awesome! 🙂 thanks!

Barbara Jonason

OK so my proposal story….I’m standing in the kitchen of my apartment and my boyfriend (now husband of almost twenty years) says”don’t tell anyone ’cause it will ruin my reputation, but I DO LOVE YOU” So I’m like “what?” he says”Aw don’t make me say it again” Then he gets down on one knee ,produces the ring and asks me to marry him. So maybe not incredibly romantic but wadda ya gonna do! 🙂

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