Announcement From Gilmer Fire Chief/EMA Director Tony Pritchett

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Warming Shelter For Gilmer Residents in need:
Gilmer County Fire and EMA will be providing a warmth shelter for those who do not have means for heating during this cold weather. Red Cross will be assisting as well. If you know anyone in need the shelter will be at the Gilmer Civic Center starting at 6 pm today.Cots and blankets will be made available. If in need of transportation contact 706-635-8911.

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  1. Ethan Henry January 7, 2014 at 3:06 am

    Wow. This is incredibly kind of you all. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see this while browsing my Facebook wall. Thanks very much for all that you’re doing. It’s always good to see the light that still shines in the world these days.

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