Leading vs. Managing, Politically


Opinion by George McClellan:

Will the Republican party, for the foreseeable future, remain a second rate minority party dedicated only to preserving political “peace” (between the parties) in our time? Perception is everything. As constitutionally oriented Americans we perceive the GOP’s leadership to be lacking in the skills needed to defend American principles. If that be true then the party now, if it has no value to preserving America, should be exchanged for one that will, especially in the struggle against the Marxist ideology being foisted upon us. I am convinced that that is the basic reason why so many conservative voters failed to turn out and vote for Mitt Romney in 2012, a lack of trust, i.e.: “What’s the use?” And the damage continues….

The unchallenged Senate vote to allow Obama to arbitrarily raise the debt ceiling to unlimited new heights or, whatever he wants, unrestrained by either spending cuts, spending limits or trade-off’s shows us, out here in fly-over land, that Republicans in the Senate, like those in the House, are bereft of meaningful leadership and have been for some years. Oh, it has managers, McConnell and Cronyn to be sure, but no real leaders. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, not in the leadership, are “real leaders” and their attempts to lead us to the realization that an ever climbing debt is killing America did nothing but really anger the GOP’s managers and alert them to the probability of their own inevitable defeat at the hands of Tea Party’s in their own states. Oh, the humanity!

Their reaction was as swift as it was predictable: Strike back at Cruz by organizing twelve other timid Republicans souls to vote with Democrats for cloture against Cruz’s filibuster attempt, then vote against the bill itself. In the vast firmament of political chicanery, that’s cowardice in it’s brightest form. Those twelve will now campaign on the basis they voted against raising the debt ceiling when in fact, as proponents of big government, they wanted the debt ceiling raised all along and knew the democrats would do it. They just didn’t want to get blamed for it. Always “follow the money”. The Republican managers have redefined ‘leadership’ to mean: compromise, surrender and defeat.

About that vote, NY Sen. Chuckie Schumer (D) gleefully said: Republicans were putting “Tea Party politics in the rear-view mirror”. Somehow, I don’t think so! The shameful reaction of the Senate minority managers to Ted Cruz’s efforts to keep America from sliding further into the abyss of eternal Chinese indebtedness was to recoil in shock and horror that a mere first term Senator had again displayed the audacity to challenge the experienced, long serving, knowledgable party managers, who have made a career of capitulation to the Democrats, making them look foolish. Well, mission accomplished!

Contrary to the hopeful wishes of the left leaning press, Ted Cruz is not giving the Republican party a bad name, that has already been accomplished. He’s trying to save America and in doing so save the Republican Party as well, McConnell, McCain, Cronyn and Boehner be damned. He and Mike Lee were put there by the tea party’s of their states to do just that. So, something must be happening out there.

2010 was the first time we saw a tea pot boil-over and it scared the crap out of everybody. That is why the elites in both party’s united against it as a common enemy to be destroyed. The tea party however, is a vast pool of outraged American’s who rallied together in their communities to try to take some positive action and the IRS was sic’ed on them. Recall, that compliance is a technique for self-preservation. The tea party people now simply need to be rallied once again to keep the ball rolling, the IRS be damned. And, while not necessarily a powerful force of change in this country, events prove it is the only force for change in this country. That’s why the tea parties need to get involved again, right now. Throw out the elites. Limit terms to no more than twelve years and insist upon, no, demand accountability from GOP candidates, but do something. Get involved, get educated and always remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (17 Feb 2014).


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