Opinion by Bill Evelyn


Submitted by Bill Evelyn, Director, State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC:
The chest pounding and braying from the Ralston camp is ridiculous. A man first elected to office in 1992 from his District, who has served 14 years in Fannin, Gilmer, and Dawson either as Senator or House Representative received just 64.7% of the vote in the Republican Primary.
Nearly four out of 10 Republican voters chose to vote for the humble wrestling coach and high school teacher. That’s horrible! There is no reason to brag that Ralston won the day. He lost and only the most committed 18% of Republicans showed to the polls.

Ralston’s has 100% name recognition, he is the leader of the Republicans in the house, he is Speaker of the House, and he went into this race with nearly a one million dollar war chest. He should have won 90% to 95% of the vote. He knows it too. The unknown new comer Sam Snider who was out spent 17 to 1 still garnered 35% of the vote in David Ralston’s home county Fannin and no one knew Coach Snider. That is an epic failure by the 7th District Representative David Ralston.

Next term Ralston should not be elected Speaker. His agenda is a failure. David Ralston a life long Republican has an agenda of taxation, big government, and cronyism. That is why nearly four out of 10 Republicans turned their back on him. Most were tea party, pro-life, and pro-ethics conservatives.

Ralston should not be strutting around like a proud Rooster. He should be reaching out to the tea parties, pro-life groups, and pro-ethics conservatives. The Republican caucus in the House and all House representatives should reject him as Speaker in 2015. His agenda is failed and his primary performance was an epic failure.

Bill Evelyn, Director, State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC


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