Where is Our Alleged President?


Opinion by George McClellan:Our alleged President made a fine speech yesterday, before his next round of golf, on the brutal murder, by beheading, of American journalist James Foley. He certainly laid down the law about seeking ‘justice’ but, alas, we are now beyond seeking ‘justice’, We have been victimized too long. We need to visit upon ISIL, total destruction and we definitely need new leadership.

Nowhere yet has any of the leftist media, or our alleged president for that matter, called the deed a murder using, instead, softer words like ‘execution’ or simply killed, to assuage the horror of the event, lest it should accidentally outrage and energize Americans. But, who cares? Our alleged president once again did nothing except play another round of golf.

Of course, poor Foley wasn’t executed. That term applies only to legitimate governments who, following due process, have condemned a criminal to die, then do it. Foley was cruelly and brutally murdered. It was an Islamic political statement challenging America to a duel. They are not afraid of us anymore. What are we going to do about it? Where is America’s outrage? Where is America’s leadership? Have we been so anesthetized by political correctness that we are willing to simply await our executioners because our potential murderers tell us so?

America was again attacked by Islam. Don’t forget Daniel Pearl; don’t forget the murders of four of the alleged president’s Consular team in Libya; don’t forget the thousands of American warriors whose lives were sacrificed on the grisly desert battlefields of Iraq; don’t forget the several border patrol officers killed enforcing the laws, and don’t forget 9/11.

The new Islamic Caliphate openly declared war on America with Foley’s murder. It has already declared war on Christians. I wonder why a wing of B-52’s are not right now, at this very moment, carpet bombing into oblivion, all of the known locations of ISIL and leveling such odious oasis’s of Islamic thought as Takrit and Mosul. War is cruel and we have now arrived at that point in time when America must reassert itself or we will surely die like chickens in a packing plant, while cravenly imploring mercy from the merciless in a language we don’t speak.

Where is America’s rising outrage over the loss of our decency by a government trying to impose the already failed experiment’s of Liberal-Progressivism on us? It’s lost in the hand-ringing sobs of race grievance mongers slobbering over a dead thug in Ferguson, Missouri. We totally ignore the unbelievably rising death tolls in Chicago, Detroit, etc., as well as the IRS and Fast and Furious scandal’s by ignoring our own government’s base criminality and, we totally ignore the Islamic threat coming to our shores disguised by the fog of socialist multiculturalism.

America is basically a Judeo-Christian nation yet Christians have remained silent while Eastern Christian sect’s, and Jews, are being slaughtered, publicly, by adherents of Islam. Our alleged president cautions we should not be hasty to judge Islam on the actions of a few errant muslim murderers (remember 9/11?) yet we should quickly condemn Americans, who want to defend themselves with their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms, as home grown terrorists.

Our alleged president is at the nadir of his presidency. He threatened Syria with a ‘red line‘ and did nothing. He destroyed Libya yet blamed the Europeans for forcing him to do it. In order to keep a campaign promise, he pulled American forces out of Iraq and now, that country, as well as all the middle-east, is being snatched back into the darkness that was the bloody 13th century. Why must we endure any more ‘justice’? It’s time to deliver terrible retribution, and right now! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (21/08/14)


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