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Al Sharpton is a domestic racial terrorist. Terrorism as defined by Wikipedia,

“common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts that are intended to create fear (terror); are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal.”

Al Sharpton marched in the streets of New York City in 1987 with his grease-ball hair doo, gold chains, fat Elvis jump suit, yelling through his bull horn, “justice for Tawana Brawley.” Sharpton spent almost two years demanding justice for fifteen year-old Brawley. It turns out that Brawley had falsely accused six white men of raping her. One being the Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones who later sued for defamation.

In 1988 a grand jury concluded that Brawley had not been a victim of sexual assault and that she herself may have created the whole story. I for one don’t think a fifteen year-old girl created this story by herself. I wonder if maybe the domestic terrorist Sharpton helped in some way fabricating this story? Brawley’s story was false and Sharpton was there for the whole thing. Sharpton never cared one day for the six falsely-accused white men and how it affected their families. Did he ever apologize to any of them?

A young black man was shot and killed recently by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Sharpton never waited for any facts. Within twenty-four hours he grabbed his bull horn and headed to Ferguson to inflame the situation. Sharpton’s racial hate speech, under the guise of no justice, no peace, has paid off well for him in the liberal media. Sharpton spews his hate now wearing nice tailored suits. Shapton yells it is open season on young black men in America. He tells the crowds to put their hands up and drop to their knees as sign of surrender when they see a white cop. Sharpton likes to yell, “ how do we expect young folk ………..”. All of this without having any facts.

Sharpton exacerbates the situation so profoundly that for nights there are riots in the street, stores are broken into and looted. Hundreds of police are called in to try to restore peace. The Missouri National Guard is called out. A curfew is imposed. The President makes a statement asking for people to calm down and find a peaceful solution. He sends Attorney General Eric Holder and the FBI to investigate the shooting. Look at all the damage Sharpton has caused. The ‘no facts’ Sharpton with his bad hair, tailored suits and bull horn has cost the city of Ferguson, state of Missouri and the American citizens millions of dollars and moved civil rights progress back another ten years!

Now that the facts are starting to come in we find Sharpton’s bullhorn may have lied. Sharpton said Brown was shot in the back running away with his hands up. Not true, Brown was shot facing the officer and it can’t be proved whether his hands were up. We now find that Sharpton’s lead witness, Johnson, has some ‘credibility’ issues. Local citizens who witnessed the situation are now coming forward saying Brown attacked the officer and we hear that Brown may have beaten the officer.

With new facts coming in do you think Sharpton will apologize? In fact, does he ever apologize? Even Whoopi Goldberg, on the View in 2007 confronted Sharpton about his vicious unfounded attacks and defamation of the young Duke Univ. Lacrosse players and told him he “owed those boys an apology.” Did one ever come? No, never. In fact, he is going to speak at Brown’s funeral Monday. Sharpton has never heard a good lie that he wouldn’t yell through his bullhorn. Sharpton’s actions have even caused the Governor of Missouri to call for quick prosecution. What has happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’ or ‘justice for all’?

Al Sharpton should be brought up on charges for inciting a riot and obstructing justice. The business owners, the city of Ferguson, state of Missouri and the federal government should sue Sharpton for damages and garnish his MSNBC pay check.

Sharpton is a racist and is guilty of causing racial division. There should be no tolerance for this in America. If a white person performed the same actions he would be charged with hate crimes. Why hasn’t Sharpton been charged with hate crimes? What he does every time there is a white on black crime is most certainly hate motivated. Look at him, listen to him. We should not have unarmed young black men killed by anyone, just look at a weekend in Chicago. Sharpton exploits racial situations for his own personal financial gain. And the police, city officials and the mainstream media not only tolerate it, they seem to promote it.

You don’t yell fire in a crowded theater and that is exactly what Sharpton did in Ferguson. Wouldn’t Al look great in a orange jump suit picking up trash along the highway? Oh, by the way “Al” is no reverend!

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