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Former Centers for Disease Control Oral Health Manager Admits “There is a Lot of Uncertainty” Related to Kidney Patient Harm from Drinking Fluoridated Water.
September 24, 2014, Georgia: In a stunning contrast to Centers for Disease Control statements assuring Americans that water fluoridation safety has been “thoroughly documented,” federal health agency documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reveal concerns that kidney patients may potentially be harmed by drinking fluoridated water.

The documents also highlight the issue of disproportionate harm from fluorides to blacks and hispanics.

Among the key revelations in the FOIA documents:

William Maas, the former Oral Health Director for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), admits “there is a lot of uncertainty” about how much fluoride deposits in the bones of people with impaired kidney function who drink fluoridated water.

Federal officials also chose to hide key sections of text in the FOIA documents that describe how Health and Human Services (HHS) staff responded after leading U.S. African American civil rights leaders called for a halt to water fluoridation.

For minorities, the FOIA text made invisible by federal officials is an explosive issue fueling allegations of collusion. The redacted text covers correspondence within HHS after American Dental Association officials sent a letter to U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh asking for help because the issue of fluoride harm to minorities had “the potential to gain traction.”

CDC is a division of HHS, and CDC’s own data, uncovered in the last of 23 data tables in a 2005 report, shows that blacks and hispanics have significantly more mild, moderate and severe fluoride-caused teeth disfigurement called dental fluorosis.

In addition, blacks and hispanics have elevated levels of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure, making fluoride bone harm to kidney patients in these communities an important issue.

The documents also uncover the relationship between CDC employees and the American Dental Association. In one email, CDC fluoridation engineer Kip Duchon tells ADA representative Jane McGinley,

“…since you rank as a special friend with elevated consideration, I am sharing with you (confidentially, so don’t pass on to anyone without asking me first if you can) my most recent review of this information…”

“This is not national security. There is no reason for all the text about disproportionate fluoride harm to minorities to be redacted and kept from the press and the public,” says Daniel G. Stockin, a career public health professional known internationally on the subject of harm from ingested fluorides.

“Are they hiding improper or illegal actions? Certain specific people need to be put under oath in Fluoridegate hearings,” he says.
“I am concerned about intersecting risks: blacks and hispanics who are seniors and kidney patients,” Stockin continues. “These seniors have long term and increased accumulation of fluorides in their bones, plus all the risks to their thyroid glands and brains.”

Fluoride harm is now a growing focus of law firms. The FOIA files were first published on the Internet at the website of a Washington D.C. law firm, Nidel Law.

Public Justice, a Washington D.C. legal organization with 3,000 affiliated attorneys, has joined with Nidel Law and the firm of Nace Paulson in arguing the first fluoride teeth disfigurement case in federal court.

Potential harm from drinking fluoridated water is being questioned from a number of angles.

A July 2014 Psychology Today blog piece, written by a gerontologist, argues on behalf of senior citizens who have no remaining natural teeth, saying that mandated fluoridation for those with no teeth evidences a “clear disregard for older adult health.” Author Mario Garrett, PhD, also points out that fluorides may help potentially harmful aluminum compounds enter the brain.

The Health Minister for Israel has also recently banned the practice of water fluoridation.


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Daniel G. Stockin, MPH 
The Lillie Center for Energy & Health Studies, Ellijay, GA
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