Park & Recreation Opens Season with Bobcat Pride Parade.

Parks and Recreation

Waves of Bobcat Pride

By: Mariela Aguillon

Saturday March 25, had the perfect weather for a Park and Recreation Bobcat pride parade in which a display of achievement, joy, and a sense of satisfaction were shown to the residents of Gilmer County.

 The parade gave a great setting for the kids to show their affection and gratefulness for the county.  A wave of purple, gray, maroon, and neon green came together to show off our county’s Bobcat power The parade traveled from Ellijay Elementary to The Park and Recreation Center.

From T-ball to teenage players,  the parade of athletes had a bunch of bright, cheerful, and smiling faces. Children were eager to distribute candy to the crowds awaiting them throughout downtown. Parents, grandparents, families, and friends all came together to show our support for our county’s devoted boys and girls.

Each team had their own float and decorated it according to team colors, showing off the pride they take in their teams to the fullest.

 One thing is for sure, whether its on the field or in town, these teams are proud of being who they are and playing for the county. The parade was an overall success which brought the town together once again.



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