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On Monday October 15, 2018, the Ellijay-Gilmer County Water &
Sewerage Authority (Authority) experienced a sewer manhole overflow
on River Street just west of Sailors Drive in the City of Ellijay. The
overflow volume was less than 5,000 gallons; most of which was
contained in a culvert pipe with poor drainage. The Authority hired a
vacuum truck to collect the overflow material from the culvert and
transported the waste to the Authority’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.
The cause of the overflow was a blockage in the sewer main on Sailors
Drive. Upon discovery of the overflow, Authority crews removed the
blockage from the sewer main and immediately began clean-up
procedures. The Authority, per the Georgia Environmental Protection
Division (EPD) protocol for spills/overflows, has placed a sign at the
location of the overflow; this sign will be in place for seven (7) days
after the occurrence of the overflow.

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