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Carters Lake

Opinion submitted by: Megan Joannides

I would like to say that I strongly believe we should not close Carter’s Lake and not ruin the natural beauty of this gem. Many people like myself takes family and friends to enjoy the peaceful scenery and get a peaceful mind of what is naturally created . This place allows us to give children a place to enjoy nature and the beauty of it. It allows children to understand the importance of this place and responsibilty instead of being stuck indoors. People profit for renting cabins so therefore their income is effected. People live out there to retire and call it home. There is so much good into Carter’s lake that I feel it will cost us more grief and hardships financially, emotionally and our well being if it closes. People fish, jet skiing, boat, swim, enjoy the sun, kihacking, hike and bike the trails for sportsmanship. People camp and celebrate birthday parties there. It gives hope for children and people to find confidence in enjoying healthy activities for this area. This is our home. Why take away our home based where we have nothing else to show for because I have seen over the years we have taken away our historical sites due to expanding our county that is not necessary needed. I understand money is the key for everything we do in our county but taking away something that gives us a bit of hope to enjoy one of the most unique precious gem of all time here in our county isn’t going to help the county nor people that come to visit or stay. So I am putting my vote in. Let’s save our home. Let’s save our gem and give back home to our community! Thank you all.

Opinion submitted by: Megan Joannides

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  1. Constance Foster October 19, 2019 at 11:38 pm

    We need the source of water during droughts.We need the exercise the experience and. The eco system needs a place to live!

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