Public school buildings closed for remainder of academic year

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ATLANTA, Ga – Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed Executive Order to close all public-school facilities through the end of the school year.

Kemp announced the order on April 1, along with his decision to implement a shelter in place directive until April 13. He first closed public K-12 schools on March 31 and had since extended the order until April 24.

The order applies to all elementary, secondary, and post-secondary public education facilities in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia communities. As of April 1, the week of April 23 is predicted to be the tipping point in the Georgia outbreak.

Online learning will continue, and local school districts can determine the final day of classes. Also, faculty and staff can return to their classrooms once school districts determine it is safe for employees to enter the campus.

Georgia Department of Public Health and Department of Education are taking measures to ensure the nutrition and safety needs of students are being met during this time.

A testing waiver for public schools was approved earlier in the year. No student will take Georgia Milestones.

This order does not apply to the University System of Georgia or the Technical College System of Georgia. The Chancellor of the University System and Commissioner of the Technical College System reserve the right to make decisions about their respective campuses across Georgia.

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