Vote Kimberly Reckles Gilmer County GOP Chair Saturday April 17th 2021


I am Kimberly Reckles and I ask for your vote for Gilmer County GOP Chair this Saturday, April 17th 9 am in the Gilmer County Courthouse, Jury Assembly Room. Below is my platform and I am ready to lead our Gilmer County GOP!

30-year Georgia Resident
Have called Gilmer County home for 7 years
Born again Evangelical follower of Jesus Christ – Jesus is the only way
Fundamental Constitutionalist – Americans are the most free when the powers of Congress and President are limited
Traditionalist Conservative – Some things, like traditional family structure and social morals don’t need to change to retain relevance
Pro-Life advocate – Life begins at conception; not when a child is wanted, not at sentience, not at birth, and not after birth.
Hardline 2A supporter – a disarmed populace is a populace on its knees. Uninfringed means exactly that.
Lifetime Republican voter – I’ve never voted for a Democrat nor contributed to a political cause outside of the Republican Party; not in a primary and never in a general or special election either.
Activist and organizer – I’ve spent 20 years volunteering my time working with and for conservative Christian and Republican social and sociopolitical causes and organizations.
Zero tolerance for RINOs and “swamp creatures” – If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re the problem.
Democrat Socialism is communism. Period.
A nation without a secure border isn’t a nation at all.
Law and order are the American way – I honor and respect our police, military, and veterans

Endorsed by Wes Cantrell, Georgia Representative .

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  1. Randall Key April 13, 2021 at 9:32 pm

    Kimberly has my vote as well as the support of the Gilmer Christian Patriots. We need new energy, and organizational skills. I have talked with Kimberly at length and she has the same pro Anerican, pro Christian world view as most people Know and what is better…. she diesnt just have meetings, she gets things done. We have to reform Georgias voting or we are forever done. Top diwn doesnt work….Make your grass roots vote count for something … vote for Kimberly on April 17 9am to promote and demote the right politicians.

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