Student detained after falsely claiming to be in possession of a gun

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GILMER COUNTY, Ga. – A student has been detained by police after he had claimed he brought a gun in his backpack and onto the bus.

The Gilmer County School System release a statement this evening to address the incident that happened earlier today.

According to the statement, the student had told a classmate on the bus that he was in possession of a gun in his backpack.

Gilmer County School System said that when they received this report “school Resource Officers and Sheriffs Deputies were dispatched immediately, intercepted the bus and detained the student.”

The student’s claim was found without credibility as there was no gun found on the bus or in the possession of the student.

After the student was taken into custody, the bus was allowed to finish its route.

“We take the safety and security of our students and staff seriously. We sincerely appreciate our partnerships with our local law enforcement agencies and thank them for their quick response and constant support,” sated Gilmer County Schools.

There have been a recorded 19 school shootings so far this year that have resulted in injury or death and many districts are cracking down on threats or claims that students make.

Even if students think it is a joke, the seriousness of these claims are sadly far too real.

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