• Republicans could lose Special Election for Georgia State Senate 54

    The special election for Georgia State Senate seat 54 has 5 candidates. Four republicans (Conda Goodson, Chuck Payne, William Vinyard and Michelle Underwood) and one independent Debby Peppers. Peppers may get the districts democrat while the other four candidates split the republican. What if Peppers wins and caucuses with the Democrats in Atlanta? #BKP breaks […]

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  • Democrats Plan to Filibuster President Elect Donald Trumps Cabinet Picks

    Democrats claim they will filibuster President Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. Nancy Pelosi clams Dr. Ben Carson is not qualified to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Media upset that Donald Trump is using Tweeter to communicate to the American people. Why did Al Gore visit Trump Tower? All the regulations Trump promised […]

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  • GMFTO: Keep Gilmer Beautiful

    Keep Gilmer Beautiful desire is to work with Gilmer Government and county county citizens to promote a clean and healthy environment in with to live, work and enjoy.

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  • #BKP interviews Pennsylvania Elector Lee Snover about Electoral College

    Listen to interview with Pennsylvania Elector Lee Snover about receiving over 8000 emails concerning her voting for Donald Trump at the Electoral College. Also we talked to Snover about the battle in the Pennsylvania Republican party between the Never Trump and Pro Trump groups. Why is PA Congressman Lou Barletta visiting Trump Tower? Could Snover […]

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  • Get Fit with Fetch!

    Holiday Thanksgiving Health and Fitness with Karleen and BKP. Health cookie alternative and a mixed drinks with ADVOCARE Spark.

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  • Special Election Georgia State Senate District 54.

    Special Election Georgia State Senate District 54. BKP and William discuss the special election and the open house for the candidates in Pickens County. State Senator Josh McKoon talking with BKP about what happens now with the Georgia JQC and why he has asked for the resignation of 2 of Speaker of the House David […]

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