Feds Say No To Sweets

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New guidelines recently implemented by the U.S.D.A. are creating a disturbance with school systems nationwide.The mandate, Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, effectively bans candy, sodas, and other sugary products from being sold on school property. The biggest challenge schools face with the new law is finding new methods of fundraising.

Traditionally, school fundraising has consisted of selling candy bars and other sweets to raise money for various projects like uniforms and equipment. The mandate requires all snacks sold in school to contain fruits, vegetables, lean protein, or whole grains, and have limited sugar, fat, and salt.

“These kind of fundraisers have a huge impact on not just our school, but all schools…It’s very culture changing to the school system”

Gilmer County Principle Erick Hofstetter said at last week’s board meeting.

Some states are pushing back on the regulations. “These new federal guidelines limiting food and beverage fundraisers are an absolute overreach of the federal government.”
Georgia State Board of Education (GDOE) Chair Helen Rice and State School Superintendent John Barge said in a recent press release.

The GDOE is working on a proposal that would allow each school to participate in 30 food related fundraisers that do not meet federal standards.

At least eleven other states have similar proposals on the table. The GDOE doesn’t meet again until late August. Until then the proposal is still under review and traditional fundraising is off the table.

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